Guarding the forging road of S-class products, wetest leads the leap forward and keeps pace with the times

Ten years of internal polishing, five years of incubation and iteration, wetest, high cost of use, imperfect function of weak network environment, etc. < p > < p > and the weak network testing tool qnet launched by wetest can build a fully functional weak network test environment in one minute, bringing innovative and convenient experience for app weak network test. It does not need a root mobile phone, does not need to connect to a data line, supports a variety of weak network parameters, and the parameter configuration is flexible. It provides users with reliable weak network simulation service in the way of independent app. It can also provide TCP / UDP network protocol packet capture function to help developers and testers to analyze network traffic. < p > < p > 2.0 version of qnet adds the real network data of domestic provinces, cities and operators, covers 20 + weak network scenarios such as subway and elevator, and adds global weak network configuration and weak network IP configuration. It optimizes the weak network model on the basis of increasing burst waveform and jitter probability configuration, and also supports the access of ADB interface to realize the automatic test of weak network, and the tool interaction is updated , the experience is more friendly. < / P > < p > the high prosperity of the electronic game industry has brought more and more highly personalized game products for the players. There are many categories and different playing methods. The elements in the game screen include enemies, props, monsters and even cards. There are great differences in the game elements that need to be identified in different game screens, which also results in the traditional automation method based on API interface The case is not universal in the game world. < / P > < p > starts with games. The game expert wetest uses the AI SDK, an automated testing framework for game AI, to skillfully avoid the problem of unified automation interface. The whole scheme does not rely on game developers to provide any API interface. It takes game images as input and touch screen operation as output. The whole process is as simple and convenient as playing games. The scheme of < / P > < p > has strong generality and can be applied to the automatic test of most game scenarios. After the completion of the game scene automation plug-in, with the iterative update of the game version, as long as the game playing method does not change, the automation process already implemented hardly needs to be modified, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. < / P > < p > as the most representative star products of wetest, these three tools continue the high efficiency and convenience of wetest, and help users deal with complex and changeable quality management problems flexibly. As a one-stop quality testing service platform, wetest products have covered many fields, such as compatibility testing, cloud reality machine, performance testing, security testing, public opinion analysis, etc., to help developers overcome the five major problems of “personnel, equipment, process, tools, environment”. Wetest and users choose and accomplish each other along the way. In order to thank the developers for their company and support, wetest launched a series of sincere welfare feedback during the fifth anniversary. < p > < p > with more than ten years of Tencent’s game quality testing service accumulation, wetest turns its own experience into a product, keeps up with the pace of the times, keeps close to the demands of users, constantly pushes out the old and brings forth new ideas, puts on-line diversified technical services, and continuously improves the innovation of quality ecological alliance. Not only does it launch various tools for the benefit of developers and users, but wetest is also committed to building industry standards. While helping the rapid verification and growth of product creativity and helping enterprises quickly deliver high-quality products and services, wetest is committed to creating a quality ecology and creating a new industry height. < / P > < p > in the next five years, wetest will continue to promote the iterative updating of products, practice the concept of “connection”, continue to focus on the close cooperation between development and operation and maintenance, and continue to be committed to building Devops test center. Currently, Tencent’s wetest International Version (has completed the release of mobile game solutions, and covers multiple business forms such as application products, wechat applets, wechat games, etc.). Next, Tencent wetest will implement the corresponding one-stop service solution on two terminal platforms of PC game and host game. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo