Guokewei: the company has further consolidated the leading edge in the segmentation field of household consumer cameras

Tonghuashun financial research center on September 11, an investor asked Guoke micro, what is the development of the company’s security business? < / P > < p > the company replied that in the field of security monitoring, the company continued to strengthen the research and development of solutions around the established strategy, further consolidated the leading edge in the subdivision field of household consumer cameras, opened up new customers and new markets such as operators, and realized mass production sales based on h.265 IPC SOC products. The company follows the market demand closely, enriches the solution unceasingly, satisfies the customer diversification demand. The fourth generation ISP image processing technology of the company has achieved phased achievements, and has greatly improved the algorithm effect of noise reduction and HDR. The image processing technology will be applied to the new generation of artificial intelligence vision processor chip of the company. At the same time, the company will continue to invest in the research and development of this core technology, and the fifth generation ISP image processing algorithm has been set up. AI intelligent video surveillance chip research and development and industrialization project has been included in the company’s 2020 stock offering project. Thank you for your attention. Skip to content