Hackers hand in hand to teach you, mobile phone WiFi performance adjustment!

Mobile phones and wireless routers are indispensable devices for home internet access. Now the access network provided by operators generally reaches 100m access, and some even reach 300m access. How about the performance of the home wireless router, the performance of the WiFi module of the mobile phone, which device leads to the slow access to the Internet? This article introduces a method, a practical test. Test the throughput of wireless router and WiFi module of mobile phone. < p > < p > Huawei glory routing, model: ws831. It supports 2.4G band and 5g band. 5g band 1167 Mbps. WAN port and LAN port support 100MB mobile phone to be tested: LG G5 < / P > < p > the maximum throughput of Huawei glory router in 2.4G band, Huawei glory router in 5g band, WiFi module in 2.4G band, WiFi module in 5g band, 3 test software Iperf < / P > < p > iperf is an open source network performance testing software, which can test the throughput, packet loss rate, delay, bandwidth and other parameters of the network or equipment. < p > < p > connect the 2.4G band notebook computer of the wireless router as the server, command the IP of iperf3 – s laptop: < / P > < p > desktop computer as the client, command: IP of iperf3 – C desktop computer: access the router through wired connection < / P > < p > connect the wireless router with the IP address of mobile phone in 2.4G band mobile phone as the server, command: iperf – s < / P > < p > connect the wireless router, use the IP address mobile phone of 5g frequency band as the server, command: iperf – s < A= https://twhosting.com/asmc-a-lithography-maker-was-one-of-tsmcs-14-top-suppliers-last-year/ target=_ blank>ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year