Hadoop open source community announced support for Tencent cloud object storage cos

On August 5, Hadoop, a well-known big data open source community, recently announced its official support for Tencent cloud object storage cos. Subsequently, developers can use Tencent cloud cos seamlessly and efficiently to process massive data reading and writing tasks without modifying the code when analyzing big data based on Hadoop architecture. < / P > < p > big data analysis requires a lot of computing and storage resources. In the traditional mode, the coupling degree of computing and storage resources is high, once the resources are insufficient, it is necessary to expand the capacity of both. In recent years, with the promotion of cloud computing, developers have gradually begun to use object storage on cloud to achieve the separation of computing and storage, thus improving the flexibility of resources and reducing costs. < / P > < p > Hadoop is the most widely used distributed big data processing framework, and is also the de facto standard in the field of big data processing. In the era of more and more attention to the value of data, Hadoop is also widely used in the Internet, government, finance and other industries. < p > < p > Tencent cloud object storage COS is a kind of cloud distributed storage service with the characteristics of security, stability, mass, convenience, low latency and low cost. Its bottom layer uses the storage engine yottastore, which is developed by Tencent. It can realize the single cluster theory to manage million level nodes, and achieve real on-demand expansion, and the disk utilization rate reaches more than 90%. After the Hadoop community supports Tencent cloud object storage, developers can seamlessly use the high-speed cloud storage services provided by Tencent cloud object storage cos when analyzing big data based on Hadoop architecture. < / P > < p > “developers can use elastic MapReduce computing on Tencent cloud, and directly use Tencent cloud object storage cos as back-end storage. The whole process does not need to add additional code, which is more convenient and faster.” Introduction of Tencent cloud object storage manager. < / P > < p > at present, xiaohongshu, cheetah mobile and zhenai.com have used the separation mode of computing and storage of Tencent cloud “EMR on cos” to quickly build and deploy big data analysis programs, effectively meeting the needs of big data business. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia