Half a month after the launch of the new Apple phone, they said this about the new phone

Hu Yanan, who has been using the iPhone 6S plus for three years, can no longer wait for apple to replace the “bangs” screen and buy a white iPhone 12 with the largest capacity. Also attracted by the appearance of iphone12 is the “post-90s” Lauren. When she got her new green mobile phone, the keyword “iPhone 12 is green and good-looking” hit the microblog hot search. < / P > < p > instead of blindly following the public aesthetic, Li Rui, who has loved blue since childhood, chose an “environmentally friendly blue” iPhone 12. After grabbing the last blue model of all Apple stores in Shanghai that day, Li Rui still had some small regrets because he preferred the blue iPhone 12 pro. < / P > < p > little e, who was still in middle school, had the first time to play with his mother’s iPhone 12 pro. He was ready to write down his new machine evaluation in detail after the test. < p > < p > Li Rui, 38, is a “fruit powder” after using two iPhones, one XS Max and the other iPhone 7. After Apple launched its new product, he fell in love with the blue version of the iPhone 12 pro. In the afternoon of October 28, Li Rui came to the apple store in Huangpu District of Shanghai in Hong Kong square and experienced two new machines. In contrast, he prefers the blue color of 12 pro. The frosted shell makes the blue of 12 Pro more profound and advanced. However, the 12 Pro only accepts online shopping, which takes 2-3 weeks to get it. The anxious Li Rui immediately decides to get the blue version of the iPhone 12, because he may be able to pick up the product immediately by making an appointment. Li Rui kept refreshing the page of “booking to buy and pick up” on Apple’s official website. At last, he got a 256g blue iPhone 12 at more than 7 o’clock that night. After the appointment was successful, Li Rui immediately took the subway to the apple store on Nanjing East Road to pick up the goods. Although it was Wednesday night, there were still a lot of customers in the store. There were about ten people in front of him. It was not long before his turn. He used the previous XS max for the new iPhone 12. The clerk told Li Rui that the 256g blue iPhone 12 he started was the last one in Shanghai on that day. < / P > < p > after he got his mobile phone, Li Rui felt that he “finally got his wish”: “to be honest, from the perspective of vanity, now you just need to take out the Blue Apple phone, and others will immediately recognize it as the new machine of this year.” < p > < p > Li Rui, who has already used his new mobile phone, has his own “careful thinking”. Because Apple has a policy of exchanging goods free of charge within 8-15 days, he still keeps refreshing the official website: “if you can brush it, you can return 12 and buy another 12 Pro.” However, it is not required to “continue to use it when the appointment is not available”. < / P > < p > he made an online appointment for his mother. After the arrival on October 23, because “want to do a simple evaluation”, small e experienced it first. < p > < p > Xiao e, who just finished the midterm exam, will take another exam on Saturday. In order not to affect his study, he plans to start the evaluation of his new handwritten mobile phone after the examination. < p > < p > five days after experiencing the new machine, the evaluation blogger Xiao e talked to the surging news reporters: “the screen of 12 Pro is obviously clearer, and the color of photos is more real and more delicate. Based on the camera parameters provided on the official website, it has improved a level in general. Dynamic and nighttime effects are much better than the previous phones. ” < p > < p > in the photos taken by Xiaoe in ultra wide angle mode, Xiao E also compared the two charging methods: “wireless charging and wired charging will be used. The power of non latest wireless charger is 7.5 W, and that of wired charging is 18 W. it can be said that wired charging is nearly twice as fast.” After half a month’s use of the new mobile phone, the most impressive 12 Pro for Xiaoe is the video anti shake function: “when I was running in school and shooting my classmates kicking shuttlecock, I didn’t use the stabilizer, but the effect still kept stable, which shocked me a bit.” < p > < p > little e’s mother promised that he would buy an Apple phone as a reward if he got the best class in the third grade of junior high school in April next year. Xiao e said that he must study hard for this. Small capacity brings a lot of inconvenience in daily life. She recalled her experience of using her last mobile phone: “I can only install no redundant app, fix the map for help from friends, open location sharing with wechat for navigation, use wechat applet for other apps, and use Apple music to listen to music online.” < / P > < p > even so, she still likes her old mobile phone and is reluctant to change it: “I wanted to wait for 12 bangs to be cancelled, but it still didn’t work out. I couldn’t wait for so long.” On the afternoon of October 23, accompanied by two friends, Hu Yanan, who has worked for three years, came to the apple store of Huangpu District Environmental Trade and bought a white iPhone 12 with the largest capacity. After getting the new phone, Hu Yannan’s two friends were very curious about the appearance of the new mobile phone and urged her to open the box in person. So she decided to shoot an open box video. < p > < p > the three men sat down in a cafe with few family members in the mall. Hu Yanan put his new mobile phone on the table, and one of his friends helped shoot. During the process, the three people talked about the appearance of the mobile phone from time to time, and friends thought that “white is very beautiful”. On the morning of October 23, a colleague who ordered two new phones online asked her if she wanted a new one in her hand. As she was about to change her mobile phone, she immediately went to the nearest Apple store and got the green iPhone 12. < / P > < p > just as Lauren got her new machine, the keyword “iPhone 12 is green and good-looking” rushed into the microblog hot search, and Lauren’s colleagues were very curious to watch. According to her recollection, there were several batches of about ten people. In the process of watching, many colleagues praised the green iPhone 12 for its beautiful color. They also took out their own mobile phones, compared the size, weight and appearance, and asked about its price and functions, such as “how about the pixels”, and also considered whether they “want to change the mobile phone”. < p > < p > within half a month after getting the new mobile phone, the iPhone 12 was hotly discussed by netizens again because of the news that the price of the iPhone 12 fell below the distribution price. However, Lauran said she didn’t care too much about “using early and enjoying early. No matter what the price is, I got it on the first day anyway.” In the process of use, Lauran found that the frequency of 5g signal is still very high, but she thinks that there is no obvious difference between 4G and 5g, “and they all say that 5g consumes a lot of power and the traffic goes fast.” So she turned off 5g. < p > < p > Lauren’s night scene photos taken with her new mobile phone also took half a month for Hu Yanan of the iPhone 12, and encountered a green screen problem in the use process. Three days after the arrival of the new mobile phone, when using wechat, “the words are all green like poisoning.” For a moment, she didn’t know how to solve this small fault, so she had to turn off the screen in the most direct way. < p > < p > when the screen is reopened, the problem disappears, only once in half a month. After consulting his father who studied it, Hu Yanan decided not to check and repair for the time being: “he said he would observe again.” On the whole, she still thinks the phone is “easy to use”. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?