Hangzhou has school regulations: illegal use of mobile phones, cancel all kinds of appraisal! Most parents have the same attitude

In the past two days, the topic of “forbidding primary and secondary school students to bring smart phones into campus” has become a hot topic on the Internet. The reason is the Ministry of education’s reply to the recommendation No. 4883 of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress. It is mentioned that the Ministry of education will establish and improve a long-term network security mechanism with relevant departments for the proposal of “forbidding primary and secondary school students to bring smart phones into campus”. < / P > < p > as early as August 2018, the Ministry of education, together with the National Health Commission and other eight departments, clearly proposed that it is strictly forbidden for students to bring personal mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products into the classroom, and those brought into the school should be kept in a unified way. First, strengthen policy guidance. The school education is based on the principle of reasonable use of electronic products on the basis of needs. Teaching and homework are not dependent on electronic products. In principle, the teaching time of using electronic products does not exceed 30% of the total teaching time. In principle, paper homework is used. 2、 Strengthen network literacy education. We will continue to carry out network knowledge education and prevent Internet addiction education in various forms, such as classroom teaching, theme class meetings, thematic education, compiling and issuing manuals, and a letter. 3、 Carry out special education activities. The Ministry of education, together with the central network information office and other departments, launched the national network security publicity week to guide young people to learn network security knowledge and skills, and help them improve their network security awareness and protection skills. 4、 Standardize the daily management of the school. All schools actively implement the responsibility of preventing Internet addiction into each management link, and standardize students’ use of mobile phones. 5、 Purify the network environment of minors. In August this year, the Ministry of education, together with the central network information office and other departments, successively deployed and carried out special rectification actions for online course platforms and special governance actions for minors’ network environment. 6、 Close cooperation between home and school. Promote the implementation of local requirements, guide parents to accompany their children should minimize the use of electronic products. Next, the Ministry of education will establish and improve a long-term network security mechanism with relevant departments. First, we should actively promote the revision of the law on the protection of minors, strengthen the legal publicity and authoritative interpretation of the contents of the chapter “network protection”, so as to ensure and guide minors to use the Internet safely and reasonably. Second, we will intensify the work, further strengthen the positive guidance, strengthen the education and guidance of primary and secondary school students’ healthy Internet access and rational use of smart phones, encourage local schools to actively innovate education methods and means, improve school facilities and equipment, and strengthen the daily management of primary and secondary school students’ network and smart phone use. The third is to carry out special control action of minors’ network environment together with relevant departments to purify minors’ network environment. Fourth, strengthen the guidance of family education, give play to the role of parents’ supervision, and form the joint force of education. < p > < p > parents are very concerned about the topic of smart phones. In just two hours, 154 parents submitted questionnaires, most of them in grade 4 and grade 5 of primary school. < / P > < p > in “as far as you know, do children learn more with smartphones or play more games?” On this issue, 78 parents feel that they learn more and 76 parents think they play more games. < p > < p > 117 parents said that students were required to complete their homework on electronic devices. 110 parents felt that the school did not have much homework to do on electronic devices. 39 parents thought it was OK. Five parents thought it was more. < / P > < p > on the open-ended question of “how to manage children’s use of smart devices”, parents have expressed their helplessness and powerlessness in managing their children’s use of smart phones, and some parents have provided interesting experience. < / P > < p > some parents take the technical route. “Set application rights on your mobile phone, and limit the time of surfing the Internet on the router. Children don’t have the opportunity to surf the Internet or play mobile games. ” Some parents let their children learn how to manage themselves. “There is a job to open the mobile phone, no work is not allowed to open the phone, but do not set a password, it depends on self-consciousness.” < / P > < p > some parents set an example: “never play mobile phones in front of their children.” There is also a simple and direct way for parents: “confiscate the mobile phone from Monday to Friday, and allow to play the mobile phone for 2 hours after the weekend homework is finished.” < / P > < p > boarding school students who want to bring mobile phones need to submit mobile phone application forms. Are primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou allowed to bring smart phones into schools? For some boarding schools, the problem of carrying mobile phones needs to be dealt with strategically. Express reporter interviewed a number of primary and secondary schools to see how to deal with the problem of students’ mobile phone use, what are the school’s tricks. Xia Fengping, vice principal, said: “we don’t use tablet teaching in our school, and students are rarely exposed to electronic products. We allow students to bring mobile phones to school. At the beginning of each semester, children who need to bring their mobile phones to campus will submit an application for the use of electronic products, which can only be brought with the consent and signature of their parents. How to use the mobile phone, has been in advance with everyone in three rules. As soon as you get to school on Sunday, your mobile phone should be handed over to the teacher. After school on Friday, the teacher will send the mobile phone to everyone Generally speaking, about half of the students in each class submit mobile phone application. The school specially prepared a safe about 1.7 meters high to store mobile phones. In fact, the school’s smart campus system has a perfect home school communication system. If students have something, they can communicate with their parents through the electronic class card. < / P > < p > “if you want to contact your parents, first, you can find the teacher, and the office phone is open to students; second, you can call back to the dormitory, each dormitory has a phone. If there are students using the phone in the dormitory, the dormitory reception room phone can also be used by the students. In general, there are four or five hundred telephones in the whole school, which are enough for students to use. ” School teacher Wang said. If some students need to bring mobile phones temporarily for special reasons, the school has also given humanized treatment, requiring students to take the initiative to hand over their mobile phones to the head teacher for unified custody when they return to school, and then collect and use them when they go home on Friday. < p > < p > at the freshmen’s parents’ meeting of Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated High School, the first time teachers, students and parents met, there was an important message to remind everyone that mobile phones should not be brought into the campus. < / P > < p > “if you want to contact parents, there are many telephones on campus, including dormitories, teaching buildings, teachers’ offices, etc Chen Jie of the school said that students from Xiaoshan and Fuyang can bring mobile phones. However, parents should communicate with the teacher in advance. After entering school on Sunday, the mobile phone will be handed over to the teacher. After school on Friday, the teacher will fully charge the mobile phone and return it to the students. The management is so strict, one is to let students more concentrate on campus life, the other is to protect everyone’s eyesight. < / P > < p > “the school attaches great importance to the protection of eyesight, and eye health exercises twice a day are firmly guaranteed. In order to prevent some teachers from dragging class and affecting students to do eye exercises, the school has set up weekly classes, and each class takes up his post every week. The whole class waits until the end of the second class to check whether the students have done eye exercises seriously after two classes and whether they have let their eyes rest. If there is a teacher dragging the class, then the students on duty will knock on the doors and windows conscientiously to remind the teacher Mr. Chen said that generally reminded teachers would quickly stop lecturing and give time back to students. < / P > < p > there are school regulations: illegal use of mobile phones, cancellation of all kinds of evaluation. According to the general situation, boarding school students have a long way to go and need to contact their parents through mobile phones. But in day school, mobile phone management is not a small problem. A high school teacher said, “it’s normal for students to bring mobile phones into school. Sometimes in the evening self-study, the quiet class, suddenly heard a burst of cell phone ring. Then I saw that some students looked flustered and rushed to turn off the machine. ” In fact, it is allowed to bring mobile phones into the school. Each class has a safe. After entering the school, the mobile phone is handed over to the teacher and placed in the safe. After school, the teacher will give it back to everyone. “That’s it. Some students use their brains to bring two mobile phones, one to hand in and the other to play by themselves. Therefore, the school for these violations, there are very severe penalties < / P > < p > two days ago, the school also punished 67 students for playing mobile games illegally during the sports meeting, which was found by the inspection teacher. According to the regulations of mobile phone management of grade, give them warning. These students can not evaluate a in the comprehensive quality evaluation this semester, and cancel the qualification of all kinds of activities. According to a vice principal of a private school in Hangzhou, no one in the primary school department, whether it is a resident or a general school, has no mobile phone. On Friday, parents can pick up their children on campus. In junior high school, some students who live on campus take their mobile phones to the campus so that they can contact their family members when they go back. However, students need to give their mobile phones to the head teacher when they arrive at school. < / P > < p > another principal of a private junior high school said that the school does not allow students to bring smart phones to school. Each child has a one-way card. If students want to contact their parents, they can swipe one card and make phone calls. < / P > < p > “but sometimes students bring smart phones to school in order to contact their parents on the way home. We have agreed that if a student accidentally brings a mobile phone to school, we usually ask the student to turn off the mobile phone and give it to the head teacher for safekeeping until school is over. If we don’t take the initiative to hand over the mobile phone to the head teacher and play with the mobile phone in class, we will generally keep the mobile phone until the end of the third day of junior high school. ” The principal said that the overwhelming majority of parents support the school to do so. Very few parents, their children’s mobile phones are “collected”, parents will buy a mobile phone for their children, their children have become addicted to smart phones. The reporter also asked some principals of public primary schools. The principal of a public primary school in the west of the city said that the school now allows pupils to bring smart watches into the school to facilitate contact with their parents. Mobile phones are definitely not allowed. “Smart phones are absolutely not allowed into school, and parents generally don’t bring their children smartphones to school.” The headmaster said firmly. The headmaster of a public primary school in the city center said children were not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. There are special circumstances, such as the parents are double employees, and the parents have no elders to take them with them. If the children want to go home alone after school, they can bring their mobile phones, but they should report to the head teacher for reference. The mobile phones are kept by the head teachers during the school period. < / P > < p > the principal said that there was no subject assignment to be done on mobile phones. Besides smart phones, should students also use electronic products in class? The reporter interviewed several principals of primary and secondary schools. They all said that in addition to the smart whiteboard, they did not use tablet computers and other electronic products. Many schools attach great importance to the protection of eyesight. A principal of a public primary school in the west of the city said: “our school has no homework that students need to complete on their mobile phones. Teachers can’t use mobile phones to arrange homework. However, some clock in platforms need primary school students to complete on smart phones or computers, mainly various kinds of clock in. Some clock in platforms, such as security platform and anti drug platform, require children to watch mobile phone videos or do interesting topics, but this has nothing to do with schools. It’s not only the students who punch in, but also the teachers. ” < / P > < p > “mobile phone work, epidemic period