Hard core quality, leapfrog experience, why can glory notebook emerge?

Recently, college entrance examination scores have been announced one after another. More and more students begin to pay attention to the notebook market and prepare for the next stage of life. How to choose the right notebook among the numerous products has become a topic of concern to them.

today, mobile China played a different “hunger game” live broadcast, staged a 12 popular laptop fight on the same stage, the competition failed immediately eliminated, the rest continue to “run poison”, until the last “eat chicken” success.

notebook computer market can be said to be a mature market, and we all think that there will not be any big changes. After all, the industry seems to be very stable in terms of cost and technology. Most manufacturers upgrade their product configuration step by step. At most, they do some design innovation, whether it is configuration or price, industry They are quite homogeneous.

However, after the birth of the glory brand notebook, it can be said that it has become a catfish to stimulate industry change. The rapid increase of market share shows us the direction and possibility of upgrading the notebook field. Recently, the notebook product magicbook Pro has become the focus of the market again with its own quality and experience. Why can glory notebook achieve a sudden rise?

glory magicbook Pro is a lightweight Book positioning, but it is still equipped with a very powerful heart, that is, the AMD sharp dragon 4000H series standard pressure processor. It must be said that AMD’s performance in the past two years is very impressive. Of course, this has a lot to do with Intel’s toothpaste extrusion.

AMD’s sharp dragon series has caught up with Intel in terms of performance, while maintaining a huge price advantage, which makes the notebook industry enter a node of change in the AMD era. Breakthrough hardware products can be said to be a core of product change, and as the most important CPU of notebook, its cost performance has always determined the overall experience of notebook. With the support of such a powerful new u, the breakthrough of glory in notebook has obtained a support of hardware transformation.

in fact, as long as the manufacturers pay attention, there is still a lot of room for innovation in notebook. For example, glory is to use the idea of mobile phone to make notebook computer, which makes great progress in the overall form of notebook.

the combination of the power on key and fingerprint identification is a very convenient innovation, which makes users do not have to enter a password to start the machine safely. This is a typical example of innovation. Secondly, glory is based on the direction of the light and light version, taking into account the performance and price. On the one hand, it is very fashionable from the appearance and meets the aesthetic needs of young people.

on the other hand, it is also very strong in performance, which can meet most of the learning needs. The most important thing is that it has a great advantage in price. It not only adopts the extremely high product quality and inspection standards, but also makes the products very competitive in price, thus forming a strong impact on the industry.

the essence of a notebook is a mobile computer. For a long time, it has only played its portability most of the time. Many people use laptops because they are convenient, occupy no space, and can work anytime and anywhere.

with the advent of smart phones, laptops have begun to integrate into the family of mobile terminals. However, at present, no manufacturer can achieve the synergy with Android mobile phones, because most notebook manufacturers do not make mobile phones or do not do well in mobile phones. And glory in the mobile phone and notebook side of the collaboration and communication, has become its biggest competitive advantage.

frankly speaking, it’s not easy to get through mobile phones and laptops. Because Apple is its own system, it’s relatively easy. Recently, it has been deepening the transformation of tablet computers and computer systems to make them more compatible with mobile products. This has a lot to do with the different architectures of mobile phones and laptops.

the gap between the Android systems of glory mobile phones and tablets and the windows system of laptops is even greater. In order to connect these devices with each other, glory has spent more time and investment in research and development, giving full play to its advantages in communication, and finally realizing the one touch transmission function and smooth communication function that can be said to be the best in the industry Can interact with multiple screens.

in terms of transmission speed and user experience, it is far more than apple devices. For Android and windows camp users, this is obviously a surprise. After all, the overall Android windows camp’s product prices are more favorable, on the contrary, they can get a better use experience. Of course, it becomes a valuable choice.

the advantages of this experience are not only reflected in these ecological functions. According to statistics, due to the in-depth system optimization, the blue screen rate of glory series notebook is only one fifth of that of ordinary notebook, which can be said that in terms of stability, it is infinitely close to Apple products.

this is another very important reason for users to choose. Whether it is an enterprise or a student, they will know that the probability of a problem with the windows system will be greater, and the maintenance cost will be higher. After four fifths of the reduction, the biggest problem has been overcome. On the contrary, the advantages of the stronger and more universal windows system become greater One point may be a problem that many computer manufacturers have never thought about.

after all, most hardware manufacturers do not have the ability or motivation to do more in-depth matching and Optimization in the system, let alone research and get through with mobile phones. This also leaves a huge space for glory notebook products.

users who have purchased notebook products in the past two years may have a feeling that the service life of notebook products is getting shorter. It can be said that there are few notebook products that can be used all year round or valuable second-hand transaction.

the reasons for this are very complicated. One of the more important aspects is that when the competition falls into homogeneity, everyone reduces the cost to deal with the price war, which naturally weakens the reliability and stability of the product. Of course, everyone has launched high-end product lines to deal with it, but most people are used to seeing the configuration and buying products. Cheaper products are more popular.

but glory never compromises on product quality. Glory’s quality control system adopts the R & D and testing standards unified with Huawei. Whether it’s mobile phones, laptops, smart screens and other full scene new products, glory is committed to making all products the best in the industry, setting up industry quality benchmarks, adopting strict reliability testing standards, and testing with only one fingerprint click Try to hundreds of thousands of times, to ensure the excellent quality, naturally also guarantee the excellent experience.

good quality control and intelligent function support have increased the competition of glory notebook by one dimension. It is worth mentioning that at present, in the tablet market, glory’s market share is also increasing. For example, the newly launched 5g tablet product V6 has created a new height in audio-visual experience, handwriting experience and online experience, which is used as notebook and hand The intermediate form between the machines also carries the function of light office and heavy entertainment.

the overall situation of the three pieces of glory has been decided, and it is bound to become a cutting-edge tool for young people to study and work. We can clearly see this trend in terms of sales volume and word-of-mouth.

from the experience of the rapid rise of glory products, on the one hand, quality is the foundation of taking off, on the other hand, technology and experience are the wings of taking off. In addition, this era is now in the era of mobile and intelligent things. With the blessing of the general trend, naturally, it also gets the wind blessing of taking off. The superposition of these multiple factors makes glory begin to move towards mobile phones China’s top two and IOT’s first market share has made great strides forward, and a new era of intelligent mobile is coming.

Author: zmhuaxia