Hardware knowledge: how to solve the problem of computer speed down every year? Xiaobai understands it quickly

I believe that students with computers will face a problem. The computer will be stuck for a long time. However, it can only be solved by restarting. Is there an efficient way to solve it? < / P > < p > auto start means that there are a lot of software running automatically when the computer starts up, which will occupy the computer resources, such as processor, memory, hard disk, etc. you can carefully observe each step during the installation, and then see the words “auto start” to remove the check. You can also cancel the automatic start in the software settings, or in the win10 task manager interface , switch to the “start” option to disable all third-party software startup items. < / P > < p > people always pop up unofficial channels when downloading software in the browser. If we install these software, bundled software will be installed on the computer together. Fortunately, the author has installed it once before. Good guy, the computer pops up advertisements very quickly. The key is that these advertisements are hard to clean up. Therefore, it is recommended to download the software through official channels. < / P > < p > the computer will inevitably leave traces or some fragments when browsing the web and downloading software. At this time, our 360 security guard can be used. When 360 software is set, the deleted files will not be deleted instantly, but will be deleted to the recycle bin. Therefore, when cleaning up the garbage, clear the installation package and usage trace of the computer software, and clean the recycle bin at regular intervals. In addition, it can reduce the space occupied by the hard disk. < / P > < p > the heat dissipation of the processor of the computer is insufficient, which will cause the processor to easily reach 90 ° and the processor will automatically start the frequency reduction effect under high temperature and run at a very low frequency to reduce the temperature of the processor. At this time, you will feel that the computer is abnormal stuck. It is very obvious that it can be judged by the temperature monitoring software. < / P > < p > the reason may be that the heat sink is not fastened tightly, or the performance of the heat sink is not enough. If it is a processor overclocking player, they should pay more attention to the radiator, which needs to be strong. Notebook heat stuck is the same principle, heat is not enough, to timely clean ash. < / P > < p > if you are using a mechanical hard disk, it is normal that the boot is slow, and the card opening program is also relatively slow. When starting or opening a program, the hard disk will read and write a lot of fragmentary files at random, and the random performance of solid-state hard disk is far better than that of mechanical hard disk. It can be said that when the old computer processor is OK, only one solid state can be replaced to achieve the super smooth effect. You can’t change the notebook to a solid-state notebook. Privacy Policy