Hardware upgrade, a new generation of “watch baby artifact” 360 smart camera 2K version experience!

For friends who have been away for a long time, the feeling of homesickness and children is very strong. In the past, if you want to chat with your family, you can only use your mobile phone to video. Sometimes you are not at home or you can’t connect. It is very inconvenient. Especially after having children, it is impossible to see how they are, whether they have a good meal, whether they are mischievous and so on. In order to solve these problems, the author starts with a new generation of 360 “baby watching artifact”, which is a new product of the tripod 5p contact 2K version of 360 smart camera. It has a variety of bright spot functions, such as one button call, camera privacy protection, 2K flagship image quality, low light level full-color night vision, AI shape detection, etc., to help Bao’s parents take better care of their children. And you can also see whether the child has a crying reminder at any time on the app, which is very practical. Next, let’s find out what good functions this camera has and whether it can meet the expected needs. < / P > < p > the outer packaging of 360 smart camera continues the appearance design of previous generations. The white looks as simple and atmospheric as before. The product drawing on the front is very intuitive. You can see a phone icon that is very eye-catching, which is very practical “One touch call” function. In the upper right corner can also see 2K words, indicating that the clarity has been greatly improved, it is worth looking forward to! At the same time, the two sides of the package are also printed with the features and functions of the product, such as 300W ultra clear, one button call, low light full-color, 360 ° panoramic cruise, high-definition infrared night vision, crying and abnormal sound monitoring, privacy shielding, etc. These functions are very practical, and some are thoughtful, very considerate! < / P > < p > then simply open the box: as a new product in the series of 360 smart cameras, the PTZ version has always been highly praised. In addition to its high recognition, the accessories inside and the appearance of the camera have not changed much, and the accessories are also very rich, so it is basically unnecessary to buy additional accessories to install them. In addition to the mainframe, the whole family photo has power cord, screw, base, power plug, manual, etc! < / P > < p > the appearance of 360 smart camera is still as usual cute and cute, white with black, and it’s also very durable. Because 360 smart camera has been used at home, I’m very familiar with this appearance opinion. Compared with the previous “chubby” version, it’s just smaller, but it’s easier to use it again! < / P > < p > a loudspeaker is designed on the bottom side of 360 smart camera. For a camera with voice call, this is very important. In addition to ensuring the call quality, it can also play music! A parent-child interaction is also very good! There are many types of music, such as jazz, light music, Europe and America, children’s songs, letter songs and so on! Ha ha, didn’t you think of it? < / P > < p > there is a reset key at the back of the camera. If there is a problem with the setting or the camera needs to restore the factory settings, you can use this button to operate! In the upper part of the camera, there is a SD card slot, which can expand the storage space of the camera. We can check the records of each day at any time, which is very convenient! < / P > < p > the bottom of the 360 smart camera has product information, such as: name, model, power supply, etc., and there are four foot pads at the bottom. When placed on the desktop, it can keep the camera in a very stable working state and protect the desktop from wear and tear! The installation base is also very simple, through which you can hang and install, such as in the eaves, which can meet the needs of more monitoring. It is very practical to install it outside the house, which can show a larger monitoring space. For parents with children at home, safety is the first and can control the safety situation inside and outside the house in real time! < / P > < p > use experience: first, connect the camera to micro USB cable, then download the app “360 camera”. After adding camera binding, we can use it normally. It’s very easy to add a camera. If you’re familiar with it, the whole process can be completed in about a minute! < / P > < p > after normal connection, you can see the successfully added cameras in the app. If there are several cameras, they can be seen on the home page, and they are real-time images. Click in to see the situation at home or outside the house. Just click a camera to enter, you can see many functions, such as looking back, setting, definition, listening to music, intelligent tracking, sleep and other practical functions! In particular, the definition is upgraded to support 2K, and the output pixel reaches 2304 * 1296, which makes the real-time picture better in the night or in the day. As shown in the figure above, the enlarged part is very clear, and the improvement of clarity is more practical for anti-theft and baby watching! < / P > < p > in the app settings, you can operate some functions of the camera, such as intelligent home watching, crying and crying detection, timed cruise, night vision mode, backlight scene optimization, call mode settings, etc. intelligent home watching is very convenient. You can set the detection time period, sensitivity, picture or video message reminder, and can also be turned on Face recognition, targeted capture video, intelligent summary of family video. There are also some more humanized functions, such as intelligent human filtering, which will only report the video of human nature after it is turned on, which can intelligently filter out false alarms such as light changes and mosquitoes flying by. < / P > < p > 360 intelligent camera supports 360 ° panoramic horizontal field of vision and 152 ° super large vertical field of view. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, it can be applied to the whole environment. One camera can achieve the monitoring effect of multiple scenes, and the elevation can be recorded and photographed! The author encountered such a situation, before the installation of a brand camera at home, although the publicity is wide-angle, but imaging dare not compliment, distortion! Many people will encounter this point. The important point is that you can’t rotate. You can only look at one angle. This is really inconvenient. So the 360 smart camera is used to solve these problems perfectly, especially when it is installed outside the house. The whole scene can be seen clearly! < / P > < p > the “one touch to talk” button on the body of the 360 smart camera is very eye-catching. As long as you gently touch the phone, the call interface will pop up. No matter when you touch the phone, you can receive calls from children or family members to meet the needs of parents to watch and think about babies! The specific settings are operated in the app. You can also turn off the one button call, or set the gesture call. This function is very good. For example, if our camera is placed at a high place, we can call by gesture. The specific operation method is: five fingers close together and then close to the ear will recognize dialing! Very human! Especially for the parents who are far away from home, we can contact our family at any time, or the family can contact us! < / P > < p > the camera also has some very practical functions, such as remote control, intelligent cruise, human figure recognition and tracking, and abnormal noise detection. If there are elderly and children at home, you can set the cruise time and set a specific location for cruise recording, so that they can easily control their safety, and at the same time, they can communicate with them at any time. After opening the humanoid logo, when someone passes by, it will be automatically recognized. In the video, you will see a special sign with red box for the pedestrian line, with a very high accuracy rate! The camera will also follow people’s tracking, which is great! You won’t miss any pictures! < / P > < p > low light level full-color night vision is a powerful function of 360 smart camera. As shown in the above figure, the first picture can see the color picture even in weak light, and the second picture can be seen clearly at night when there is no light at all. Because the camera lens is equipped with infrared filter, the infrared monitoring mode will be automatically started when there is no light With infrared fill light, you can also see the Qing Dynasty portrait and the details of the house. This function can play a very important role in the critical time, such as home burglar, can also record very clearly, so as to provide strong evidence for the capture of thieves! Protect our property! < / P > < p > the cloud storage of the camera is also a very practical function. The author has purchased a 7-day and half a year package, which can turn on 24-hour cloud video recording, or only record daytime video. Of course, you can choose the time period to record, which is a very humanized choice! The biggest advantage of cloud storage video recording is that there is no need to buy another memory card, and even if the machine is maliciously damaged, the data will not be lost. For some special cases, providing video data is reliable evidence. < / P > < p > the author started with 360 smart camera, mainly because of long-term work outside, parents and children are not around, sometimes think of them can also communicate with them at any time, but also understand the children’s daily situation, and ensure the safety of the family, so as to prevent in the bud! Functions such as one button call, remote control, intelligent cruise, 2K HD resolution, LLL full-color night vision are also very practical. An important function here is privacy protection. For example, when we go home, we can set the camera to be turned off, so that the camera lens is turned off, so as to protect personal privacy. At present, the home camera has been replaced by 360 products, both the operation and experience are adapted, and an app is finished! Before using 360 products less, now unexpectedly became loyal fans, for the author, good products can really circle powder! Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia