Have you ever asked yourself the five questions you often ask before taking photos? Learn these to make your photos more beautiful

When you hold up your mobile phone or digital camera to take a picture, what do you usually think before you press the shutter? If you are like many photography enthusiasts, you don’t think too much. You just want to capture the moment and press the shutter quickly. The photos you take may not look so good. However, if you get into the habit of asking simple questions, it can help you take your photo image to a higher level. Here are five questions to ask when shooting. Learn to ask these questions before you take a picture, which will help you take better pictures. < / P > < p > this is a very important question and should help you make a lot of decisions about composition, framing, exposure, etc. In essence, the question you have to ask yourself is why I took this picture? In short, it is the content of the work. For photography, what the picture represents is the theme. What kind of thoughts or feelings a photo brings to readers depends on the presentation of the picture. Therefore, choosing a good theme in taking photos is particularly important for taking excellent photos. < / P > < p > different scenes and different subjects have different shooting distances. When shooting, we should adjust according to the environment and conditions of the scene. For example, sometimes close-up may damage the overall echo, while panorama may ignore small details. Before taking a picture, consider whether the distance from the subject is appropriate, which will help you take a different picture. In order to get closer to the object, sometimes you can move the focus closer to the object to make it closer to you. < / P > < p > the same subject, shooting from different angles, will have different effects. When shooting, you might as well change a few angles and try more, maybe you can find different beauty from it. You should not only learn to shoot from multiple angles in the same scenic spot, but also find the differences of each scenery appropriately. This will help your photos be more creative and make your pictures more distinctive. < / P > < p > always consider how your theme shines. Without light, your image will lose detail and clarity. Light is very important for photography. Making good use of different light is the basis of good photos, especially if you use natural light. In order to understand light, there are many aspects and subtleties to understand it. Find it, learn how to use it in any situation. Generally speaking, prime time is the best time to take pictures, which will help you capture dramatic pictures. One of the most common distractions in digital photography is the background. Look at the space behind your theme and see what else is in the image. The reflection of foreground and background is an integral part of a good work, and a good foreground can also make the picture more complete. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to make good use of the foreground and background in the composition of photography. < / P > < p > I’d like to share five questions about taking a picture. Next time you’re taking a picture, try to focus on asking yourself one or two. When you insist on doing this, you will find that the photos you take will become more and more beautiful. If you ask yourself any other good questions before you take a picture? Welcome to leave a message in the comments below. If you have good-looking photos, welcome to share with us, ha < / P > < p > thank you for being so excellent, and you can also read the article of Daxiong. I hope that some insights of Daxiong can contribute to your photography technology, grow with you and meet better yourself. If you want to learn more photography skills, welcome to pay attention to ha, if you like this article, please click like to forward it. Every support from you is the driving force for the creation of Da Xiong. Let’s come on together! thank you! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing