He has been suffering from liver cancer for 11 years and has not recurred. Three anti-cancer experiences can be referred to by all

When it comes to anti-cancer legend, we have to mention Xu Kecheng. Xu is an expert in the field of cancer research. He has helped many patients fight cancer in his career as a doctor and was awarded the Bethune medal. But this is not surprising. The most amazing thing is that Xu himself was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was 66 years old. However, 11 years later, he had no recurrence of liver cancer. He was still energetic and vigorous in his knowledge speech. < p > < p > for the success of anti-cancer, Mr. Xu has an absolute say. In the interview, he revealed three anti-cancer experiences. I hope everyone can refer to them. Mr. Xu said that as a researcher in the field of cancer, he had seen many cancer patients collapse at the moment of diagnosis. They were like a bolt from the blue and their emotions were depressed. When communicating the treatment plan, they showed strong spirit, sweating hands and feet and other nervous and anxious emotions. Many people were indifferent to the treatment of doctors, and the whole person was not energetic and dead Heavy, negative emotions. < / P > < p > however, when the patient was diagnosed with liver cancer, his mood did not go up and down, so he still chose to communicate with doctors from multiple departments to formulate a treatment plan based on years of experience. At ordinary times, I don’t avoid talking about my illness. Occasionally, I joke with my wife. I’m always in a good mood. As a doctor, I deeply understand that diseases are closely related to diet. If you often eat pickled food, you may suffer from gastric cancer. If you eat moldy food carelessly, you will increase the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, after the diagnosis of liver cancer, I was particularly particular about eating. < / P > < p > for example, I will eat some foods that can protect the liver, such as celery, carrots, cabbage, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, etc. These foods are rich in vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body, which are effective in preventing cancer, so I will eat some selectively. In addition, I will drink some tea, tea contains vitamin C, caffeine, can increase gastric acid secretion, heat clearing and detoxification, liver protection effect is good. Tea is also greasy, can increase my appetite, ensure the amount of food. < / P > < p > in addition to these foods, I will also pay attention to avoid some foods that are bad for liver, such as mutton, fat pork, etc. The fat content of these foods is too high, which is harmful to my sick body and may cause complications, so I don’t eat them either. < / P > < p > many patients with liver cancer will think that cancer is invincible, but this idea is wrong. As long as the correct treatment is found, the cancer can be controlled. After the cancer was detected, I first actively accepted the treatment of my colleagues and insisted on scientific treatment methods. I refused to try some folk prescriptions spread by the people. < / P > < p > in addition, in addition to receiving treatment, I also pay special attention to the review. Even if a cancer is controlled for a period of time, it is easy to relapse in the year before it is cured. Therefore, I always insist on regular review. Once any problem is found, I will communicate with the attending physician in time, and determine a new plan and diet adjustment according to the new situation. < / P > < p > the above is Xu’s experience in 11 years of successful anti-cancer. I hope you can refer to it and avoid the hidden dangers in your life and avoid the invasion of cancer cells. For those who are suffering from liver cancer, we hope to be able to cheer up, adhere to scientific treatment, actively respond to the disease, and believe that they will be successful in anti-cancer. Skip to content