He is known as the most unlucky astronaut, people are still in the space country, but no one, how finally came back?

The universe is full of mysteries, and human exploration has never stopped. As early as the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, the cause had already started. In order to check and balance each other, the United States and the Soviet Union spent a lot of energy on developing rockets. The Soviet Union’s progress was obviously faster than that of the United States, and its Gagarin astronaut was also the first person in the world to enter space. However, Gagarin was not the only one who successfully completed the manned spaceship mission in the Soviet Union, and krikalev was also one of them. However, his experience was more complicated. He was called the most unlucky astronaut, and he was still in space, but he was gone. So, how did he get back in the end? < / P > < p > at that time, the Soviet space agency successfully used rockets to send the core module of Mir space station into space, and then completed the multi module combination. In order to ensure the normal work of the complex, the Soviet aeronautical Agency began to arrange astronauts to go to space for observation. Because of his outstanding ability, krikalev was selected by the agency as the first astronaut to enter the space station One time, krikalev successfully completed the mission and returned to earth. Because of his experience, krikalev and another astronaut went on duty again. I thought that this time could be completed as smoothly as the first time, but something happened. < / P > < p > during the mission of krikalev, he watched other colleagues receive a recall from the earth command and successfully returned home, but only when he was about to arrive, the earth command had not sent him a recall signal. In fact, krikalev did not know that at the moment, the Soviet Union no longer existed, because it could not bear the economic pressure, it was forced to disintegrate, and all countries went to different places. No wonder NASA forgot him. But after intensive training, krikalev was not discouraged because he was waiting with another astronaut on his mission. Because he couldn’t get the command from the earth, he couldn’t return on his own, so he had to wait. At that time, Russia, as the main successor country of the former Soviet Union, had a large number of weapons and equipment in an instant. After independence, he was busy with the trivia of his own country. Until a year later, he remembered krikalev and another astronaut who were still in the space station. The Russian aviation agency immediately sent a spaceship to take them back. According to statistics, krikarev’s mission lasted 311 days. After returning to the earth, krikarev knew that the Soviet Union had long since collapsed, and Russia changed his identity to a Russian. After becoming a Russian citizen, krikarev has also been engaged in aviation and made a lot of contributions. Russia also gave him the title of Aviation hero. In 2007, krikarev officially retired. At the same time, he also kept the record of the longest stay in outer space, a total of 803 days. These days must be very painful for krikarev. < / P > < p > I have to say that if Russia hadn’t thought of krikalev a year later, he might have died in outer space for lack of materials. Fortunately, Russia can send a spaceship to pick them up, so as not to lose this aviation talent. After that, it was precisely because of taking over a lot of high-tech technology from the Soviet Union that Russia’s later aviation industry began to prosper. Today, Russia is one of the most prominent countries in the world’s aviation industry. However, the peaceful space station operated by krikarev has been working for 15 years, and it did not fall into the atmosphere until 2001. It is said that Gagarin is the greatest cosmonaut in the Soviet Union, but after listening to the story of krikalev, he can also be regarded as a qualified excellent talent. Other people do not necessarily have his calm personality. His mentality is also an important factor in determining his fate. Fortunately, he has finally waited for support. Strictly speaking, misfortune is not counted. Although the Soviet Union is no longer there, Russia has made great use of him and has given him preferential treatment. In this regard, it is also relatively lucky. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction