Health protection, Hisense uses your best fresh air conditioner to make you healthy all summer

This year is an extraordinary year, because of the outbreak of the epidemic, people are particularly concerned about air quality. Although the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, it has not been completely solved. With the advent of summer, air conditioning is essential. But if you want to blow healthily, the choice of air conditioner is very important. Hisense’s new outdoor air conditioner not only ensures that the air is cool, but also blows healthily. What’s going on? Compared with traditional air conditioning, the core of fresh air conditioning is fresh air volume. Hisense air conditioner is the first in the industry to achieve the goal of “full house is fresh air after 3 minutes of startup”. When the air conditioner is turned on for refrigeration, it can quickly replace the whole room air, bringing more healthy air. The fresh air volume of the new x9 will reach 60m / h, that of the X8 cabinet will reach 50M / h, that of the X8 cabinet will be 150m / h, that of the X7 cabinet will be 50M / h, and that of the X7 cabinet will be 90m / h. The fresh air volume of the new x9 will be more than twice that of the products at the same price, so as to continue to expand Hisense’s leading position in the field of fresh air. < / P > < p > in addition to the lead in fresh air volume, other performance. The new Hisense fresh air conditioner X7 cabinet unit is also ahead of its competitors in various performance. Compared with two other brand fresh air cabinet units, the fresh air volume of X7 cabinet unit reaches 90m / h, which is 120% to 130% higher than that of competitive products; the indoor noise value X7 is 22dB, which is 2-4db lower than that of the competitive products, and the outdoor noise is 10dB lower. In terms of energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency grade, Hisense X7 can compete with competitors, reflecting Hisense’s leading position. < / P > < p > the main reason why Hisense has such a prominent leading edge is that Hisense is the first manufacturer of fresh air conditioner with rich technology accumulation. It has successively obtained four fresh air certification from domestic authorities, and is the only product certified by JQA in the world. It has passed the stringent requirements in terms of fresh air volume and carbon dioxide removal rate in Japan Testing, all of which ensure Hisense’s leading position. < p > < p > in March this year, the China Association for the promotion of industry university research cooperation awarded Hisense the certificate of group standard leading unit, which established Haixin as a leader in the field of fresh air conditioning. The joint endorsement of domestic and foreign authoritative organizations proves the strong strength of Hisense fresh air conditioner. < / P > < p > if you want to blow healthily, fresh air conditioner is the first choice. Let’s change a fresh air conditioner this summer, and join Hisense in the era of “three minutes on, full of fresh air”. Now I know why air conditioner should choose fresh air conditioner, why fresh air conditioner should choose Hisense? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine