Heart price 2759 yuan, dual-mode 5g + 50 times zoom, and 40W super fast charging, the same price is unbeatable

There are a lot of midrange machines on the market, most of which are stable at more than 3000 yuan. However, the midrange computers of glory 30 are in full swing. The glory 30 mobile phone directly drops below the price of 3000 yuan. The 8GB + 128GB version is only sold for 2759 yuan on third-party platforms. In terms of price, glory 30 has an absolute advantage, and it is difficult for other manufacturers’ 5g midrange computers to overwhelm such a low price. In addition, as a 5g midrange machine of glory, there is another point that other manufacturers do not have. The powerful camera module, the shooting ability of glory 30 camera module is really comparable to that of professional cameras, which is beyond doubt. In addition, glory 30 has also made great efforts in some details. The price of 2759 yuan makes glory 30 become an invincible existence at the same price. In terms of cameras, glory 30 adopts a four camera system, with 40 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel super wide angle + 8 million pixel long focus + 2 million pixel macro distance. The most distinctive feature is the long focus camera, which is a periscope camera, supports 50 times digital zoom, and has strong long-range shooting ability. The front camera is a 32 million pixel single shot, high pixels, and has a new AI beauty algorithm, can take the ultimate night scene photos. The glory 30 screen is an OLED eye screen with a size of 6.53 inches. It supports a wide color gamut and has a good display effect. < / P > < p > the hardware of the core is also upgraded. Normally, Kirin 820 processor will be used. However, the glory 30 this time is very special. It uses Kirin 985 processor, which is a mid-range processor after upgrading. It has built-in 5g baseband, dual core NPU + micro core NPU, and its performance is extremely stable and solid. In terms of service life, it adopts 4000ma battery and 40W wired fast charging, which ensures the stable service life of glory 30. There are also details, that is, the fuselage, glory 30, the thinnest part of the fuselage is 8.1 mm, reaching the extreme lightness. Glory 30 comes in 128GB and 256gb as standard. < / P > < p > although the above parameters have a certain distance in the 5g high-end flagship, they can be used as the configuration of a 5g mid-end machine, which is a large part of 5g mid-end machines leading the competitors. Glory 30 also belongs to Huawei, and 5g technology is relatively mature. Its integrated 5g baseband is first-class in terms of 5g network signal and network speed. Glory 30 is a mobile phone which focuses on appearance. There are not too many complicated designs. All of them are simple and fashionable. The whole body is integrated. Currently, on the third-party platform, the price of the 8GB + 128GB version of glory 30 is 2759 yuan. It can be said that this is the true cost performance. Do you think this glory 30 is worth starting? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”