Heavy weight! Anti CRISPR protein blocking crisprcas12a found in two science papers for the first time

In the first new study, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, identified three inhibitors that block or reduce CRISPR / cas12a mediated genome editing in human cells using a comprehensive bioinformatics and experimental screening method. They also found a wide association between CRISPR self targeting and the presence of inhibitors in prokaryote genomes, suggesting a direct way to find more ACR proteins from the microbial world.

in the second new study, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School found 12 ACR genes, which encode ACR proteins, such as acrva1, which inhibit CRISPR / CAS system of type V-A and CRISPR / CAS system of type I-C.

it is worth noting that acrva1 is the most effective inhibitor of a series of direct homologues of cas12a when tested in human cells, including mbcas12a, mb3cas12a, ascas12a and lbcas12a. The 12 ACR genes identified in this study provide useful biotechnology tools for controlling CRISPR gene editing.

the strategy used in these two studies can identify many widely existing ACR proteins, which may be very useful in future anti CRISPR discovery. (biogas

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