Heavy weight! Russia has confirmed Huawei as a 5g partner. How many 5g orders does Huawei have now?

Every innovation of network is the key point of scientific and technological progress. Now, we are in the period of 4G to 5g conversion, many countries are actively carrying out their own 5g network construction. It can be predicted that with the popularity of 5g network, we will get a great optimization in terms of Internet speed. Therefore, 5g has always been a hot topic. When it comes to 5g, many people will think of Huawei. As a representative of our national enterprises, Huawei has achieved the leading position in 5g technology, which is also the best proof of China’s scientific and technological progress. However, it is precisely because of the leading technology that Huawei has been under a series of pressure from the United States, which greatly reduces the development space of Huawei in overseas markets. < p > < p > with its strong strength, Huawei has already become a 5g partner in many countries. However, under the “lobbying” of the United States, some countries represented by the United Kingdom chose to abandon the cooperation with Huawei and stand in the United States. This has undoubtedly greatly affected the development of Huawei. However, some countries still choose to cooperate with Huawei under the “power interference” of the United States. For example, Brazil, Spain, Germany and other countries. < / P > < p > just today, another good news comes: Russia has decided to cooperate with Huawei! According to the latest report on August 24, Russia officially stated on August 23 local time that it would cooperate with China and Huawei from China in 5g technology. This also means that Huawei has successfully won 5g orders from Russia. It is understood that Russia and Huawei had the intention to cooperate in 5g as early as last year. On June 5, 2019, Huawei signed a 5g contract with MTS, the largest domestic telecom operator in Russia, and will develop 5g network in Russia this year. In addition, beeline, another domestic telecom company, also had relevant cooperation experience with Huawei last year. The two have jointly conducted 5g network tests. Judging from the results, Russia is quite satisfied with the 5g equipment and technology provided by Huawei, which is the basis for the cooperation between the two. < / P > < p > with Russia’s official statement, it also means that Huawei’s dominant position in the 5g field has become more and more stable. The crackdown and sanctions of the United States and the “betrayal” of many countries did not stop Huawei from developing. Today, Huawei’s number of 5g patents is still the first in the world. So, what is the number of 5g orders Huawei has? < p > < p > since February this year, Huawei has stopped updating the number of 5g commercial contracts it holds. The number of contracts previously disclosed was as high as 91. It is worth mentioning that among them, the number of contracts in European countries and regions has reached 47, accounting for more than half. < / P > < p > however, although it is now under the pressure of the United States, there are still countries that hand over their 5g orders to Huawei. Based on this, the industry conservatively estimates that Huawei’s 5g orders have exceeded 100. It can be seen that hard power is the foundation of an enterprise. Huawei’s leading 5g technology is obvious to all, so no matter what kind of suppression the United States takes, it will not shake Huawei’s leading position in the 5g field. Its current large number of 5g orders is the best proof! What many people don’t know is that Huawei is also very popular among African countries. It is understood that about 70% of the IT backbone networks in Africa are contracted by Huawei. As many as 40 African countries have cooperative relations with Huawei. On July 20, 2020, South Africa realized 5g commercial operation for the first time. Huawei is the “supporter” behind it. To sum up, Huawei is very popular all over the world. Its leading position in 5g technology has also been valued by many countries. This time, the “wishful thinking” of the United States has failed. There is no doubt that the countries that choose to cooperate with Huawei will realize the construction and popularization of 5g network with faster speed and higher quality. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo