Hebei provincial network and Information Office continued to carry out a special action to deal with outstanding problems in commercial website platform and public accounts

According to the unified deployment of the state cyber information office, Hebei Provincial cyber information office has launched a special action of centralized rectification of commercial website platforms and public accounts in the whole province. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p >, the first is to focus on the illegal collection, editing and publishing of Internet news information on commercial website platforms and public accounts, and the illegal reprinting of Internet news information sources outside the list of contributors; < / P > < p > Tax The third is to strengthen the management of network celebrities’ participation in forums, forums, lectures, annual meetings, report meetings, seminars and other network activities, and standardize the live broadcast of related activities on the Internet; < p > < p > < p > tax; the fourth is to optimize and improve the mobile news client and “We Media” positive energy manuscript push. During the centralized rectification period, Hebei provincial network and Information Office adheres to the guidance of the combination of point and area, treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and integration of management and application, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole province’s network and information system, and form a working force. < p > < p > this action is open to the public and welcome netizens to actively report and provide clues. Hebei Provincial cyber information office will check and transfer all kinds of reporting clues according to laws and regulations, so as to further standardize the network communication order. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”