Hello, “pure” domestic core!

As we all know, Huawei’s chip road has almost been cut off due to the barbarism of a certain country. We can imagine how many difficulties will be faced in the future when the chip is too long. The difficulty in the production of the chip is not due to the insufficient design capacity of the chip, but the complexity of the production process. It is not possible to find a replacement line for a while < / P > < p > is also the “domestic core” storage market, this domestic can be said to be a very long face. On September 10, purple light’s Changjiang storage launched two new consumer grade solid-state hard disk products, namely, pc005 active and sc001 active, respectively, which have strong performance and reliable quality. In terms of performance, < / P > < p > in terms of performance, the nominal sequential read speed can reach 3500mb / s, the maximum sequential write speed can reach 2900mb / s, the maximum 4K random read speed can reach 340k IOPs, and the maximum random write speed can reach 360K IOPs. In terms of service life, the lifetime write capacity of 256gb is 200tbw, 1TB is 640tbw, and the average time between failures is 1.5 million hours, which provides 5-year warranty. In terms of selling price, the pre-sale price of 256gb in pc005 is 369 yuan, and the pre-sale price of 512gb is 529 yuan < / P > < p > however, for such a pure domestic storage, what many netizens say is too chilling. Most people will go to Samsung and other foreign storage. In fact, the price difference is not much, but I don’t agree with netizens who want to achieve the principle of “overseas is fragrant” …… < / P > < p > if you know how Toshiba was defeated from the storage Empire and how Samsung changed from obscurity to storage hegemony today, it is not fair competition, but full of darkness. At present, the domestic chip started late, and the market has not been developed, so the cost of a single chip must be higher than that of many large enterprises, such as Samsung; < / P > < p > why does the memory particle suddenly fall in price? It’s not that the raw materials are cheap, but the domestic chips are coming out! Samsung has come up with a set of Toshiba to deal with domestic? Maybe they have the wrong idea Is there a lack of market in China with a population of 1.3 billion? There is no shortage. What’s more, the computers of many domestic institutions are facing upgrading. The performance of pure domestic products is not worse than that of imported ones, and the prices are also quite the same. I think there is no reason to not use them? < / P > < p > keyboard warriors can tap the keyboard and do not support domestic products, but I also hope that you can treat them rationally. Domestic products do not have to compete for prices, which will only hinder the research and development of higher-end fields, so if you can support one, you can support one. After all, taxes are left to the family. what you think? In the end, netizens will ask why the title is “domestic core” instead of “domestic memory”? In fact, in SSD, although the master seems to be just a small chip, but it does affect the SSD performance of the most important factor, master chip we can achieve the same level as the world, the future CPU chip we also have enough reason to believe that we will be successful! Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?