Hello, space Long March 8 flies to the universe with 100 New Oriental students

Two thousand years ago, in the face of the vast universe, Qu Yuan expressed the initial curiosity and pursuit of space. Today, two thousand years later, human beings have once again “voiced their voice” to the universe. < p > < p > at 12:37 on December 22, 2020, the Long March 8 carrier rocket was successfully launched at China’s Wenchang space launch site, putting five satellites into the predetermined orbit in the form of “one rocket and five satellites”. One of the satellites carries the voice of 100 New Oriental students, sending the most sincere greetings to the universe. < / P > < p > these sounds were generated by the “Hello space” launch program jointly launched by New Oriental and Tianyi Research Institute. In September this year, the activity solicited “earth stories” from teenagers across the country, and selected 100 recordings of them to be implanted into satellites and launched with rockets. In addition, excellent recording providers were invited to Wenchang, Hainan Province to experience an immersive space theme tour, not only to communicate with aerospace experts face-to-face, but also to personally experience the exciting moment of rocket launch at the launch site. During the ceremony, Yang Feng, CEO of Tianyi Research Institute, visited Wenchang and had dinner with seven teenagers and their parents. Yang Feng had a warm exchange with his children and parents. Children from Qingdao also presented a small gift of space painting made by themselves. < / P > < p > when it comes to space science fiction movies, we first think of the thrilling scenes in Hollywood, where the survivors will go to find new planets. Yang Feng, on the other hand, believes that Chinese cosmic science fiction films have distinctive charm. “Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has the excellent national quality which has been inherited in a continuous line. With a tenacious attitude, the Chinese nation has been building and guarding our homeland. For example, our science fiction masterpieces in recent years tell us that we should also take our earth home to wander in the most critical moment. This is inseparable from our strong patriotism.” “Mr. Liu Cixin once gave me a book with the inscription” look up at the stars and be down to earth “to encourage us to step by step and be confident in the future. Today, I also give this sentence to the children as a heritage. I hope you have good dreams, but also have practical actions to realize them. ” At 12:37 on December 22, accompanied by a huge roar and flames piercing the sky, the Long March 8 carrier rocket was successfully launched at China’s Wenchang space launch site. < / P > < p > & quot; the whole earth is shaking. It’s spectacular! &At the launch site, New Oriental students couldn’t help cheering and hugging. With the same love for space flight, they gathered here from all over the world to witness the exciting moment when the rocket took off. < / P > < p > a parent said, “the shape of the rocket is upward, and at the same time, it condenses the wisdom of numerous scientific researchers, and can not tolerate any mistakes. This time I’m here to let him experience the real feelings of this shocking experience, what is team power and what is careless. ” < / P > < p > the seeds of curiosity about space are buried in every child’s heart. The best way to let this seed germinate is to observe the rocket launch on site. It is understood that in September this year, New Oriental in the education sector and the Tianyi Research Institute in the field of aerospace jointly launched the “Hello space” launch program for young people across the country to collect what children want to say to the universe, and implant them into satellites for rocket launch. In more than a month, more than 10000 teenagers from 28 cities across the country expressed their love for the earth’s homeland and their longing for the boundless space with their tender voices. < / P > < p > “Hello universe! I come from the earth, the fifth largest planet in the solar system. There are vast oceans, 8000 meter high mountain peaks, golden deserts, endless grasslands, long-term ice capped north and south poles… ” “The earth is a beautiful and suitable place to live. Welcome to the earth!” < p > < p > the teacher of New Oriental selected 100 excellent works out of more than 10000 recordings, made them into sound documentaries, and sent them to the Long March 8 “flight” on December 22 to fly to the universe. At the same time, in order to help young people deeply understand China’s aerospace achievements, acquire authoritative Aerospace knowledge, and stimulate their strong interest in scientific exploration, New Oriental and Youku launched a series of public welfare live classes of Aerospace Science Popularization on the afternoon of December 20. As the keynote speaker, Wang Bo, a famous physics teacher of New Oriental, started from the preparation before the rocket launch, including the rocket’s ascent, orbit operation, and landing Each stage of the project is carried out to explain in detail the relevant physical knowledge points of each stage, and interspersed with a large number of cosmic anecdotes, which makes the audience praise them frequently. After that, New Oriental will continue to present more space science and technology theme live courses for teenagers. < / P > < p > in addition, schools around New Oriental have cooperated with planetarium and library to carry out a wealth of online and offline activities such as space theme public welfare lectures, exhibitions, speech competitions, etc., such as launching “21 day space knowledge science popularization training camp” and launching new Oriental, etc., so as to create an all-round space science popularization feast for teenagers. The global networking of beidou-3, the successful launch of tianwen-1 and the return of chang’e-5 to the moon The year 2020 will be the highlight of China’s space history. The rapid development of China’s space industry has inspired the people of the whole country and stimulated more and more young people’s strong interest in space and the universe. < / P > < p > through the “Hello space” launch program, New Oriental has built a bridge for children to communicate with space, from voice collection, to live viewing, and to the interesting space theme live class, so that they can feel the charm of space at a short distance and voice their space dream. < / P > < p > if the youth is strong, then China will be strong. China’s prosperity and development can not be separated from the support of scientific and technological talents, and the key to cultivate scientific talents is to stimulate young people’s interest in scientific exploration and dare to innovate. Under the guidance of the education concept of “lifelong learning, global vision, independent personality and social responsibility”, New Oriental adheres to the “good teacher of New Oriental!” We are committed to training a new generation of talents with all-round development. Under the background of science and technology power, New Oriental pays more and more attention to the scientific quality training of K12 group. Based on its profound advantages in educational resources, New Oriental has created systematic scientific literacy courses and activities for young people. In August, New Oriental set up a children’s Science Research Institute in Hangzhou and invested in popular science fund to promote science education and talent development. Next, New Oriental will cooperate with the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to launch the “science Big Bang” public welfare activities for middle school students across the country. Through online and offline activities such as interactive experiments and speeches by celebrities, New Oriental will mobilize students’ cognition and interest in science learning, and help students move from life to science and from science to society. < / P > < p > from Ancient Astrology to today’s dialogue with space through cutting-edge technology, human beings have never stopped exploring the unknown. New Oriental will, together with the youth, look up to the sky, keep down-to-earth, and make unremitting efforts in the pursuit of science and truth. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction