Henan Internet plus student innovation and entrepreneurship competition held at Henan Polytechnic University

China’s Internet plus

is arranged in eleven departments, including the Ministry of education and the Henan provincial education department. In from August 13th to 14th, the “construction Cup” was the theme of “I dare to rush and I will create”. In 2020, the Henan provincial “Internet +” College Students’ Innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the Sixth China International Internet plus new student entrepreneurship competition Henan regional tournament finals were held at Henan Polytechnic University. In his speech, Zhang Shuichao, director of the Higher Education Department of Henan Provincial Department of education, reviewed the competition situation, awards and achievements of Henan Universities since the first competition was launched in 2015. On the success of the final, he put forward three hopes. First, he hoped that all experts would grasp the rules, contents and key points of this year’s competition in combination with the competition situation, unify the evaluation standards, evaluate the level, judge the fairness and judge the harmony. Second, we hope that all the contestants will abide by the rules of the competition, respect the hard work of the experts and judges, listen to the opinions and suggestions of experts, assimilate and absorb them carefully, and constantly polish the project to strive for greater improvement. Third, we hope that all sectors of society will continue to pay attention to and support the work of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities will continue to encourage college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, deepen the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education with ideological and political education, professional education, physical education, aesthetic education and labor education, promote the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education at a higher level, deeper level and more critical links, and strive to create innovation and entrepreneurship education It aims to cultivate outstanding talents with “national feelings, global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability”, promote innovation and entrepreneurship education to achieve new results, and encourage more college students to write the song of youth in the vivid practice of Henan’s innovation and development. < / P > < p > “I hope that the students will take this competition as an opportunity to actively participate in the grand upsurge of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with the spirit of” I dare to break through and I will create. ” Fan Futang, executive deputy director of Henan University and technical secondary school student employment service center, pointed out at the meeting, “I believe that with the careful guidance of all judges and experts and the joint efforts of the participating teams of colleges and universities, we can further promote the quality, characteristics and level of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and we will also be able to select the students who can represent the highest level of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students in Henan Province Excellent projects and teams will go to the whole country, show the good mental outlook of Henan students in the National Games, and let go of the youth dream of daring to create, so as to win honor and glory for our province. ” < / P > < p > “the school will actively implement the spirit of the superior and the relevant requirements of the competition, be a good host wholeheartedly, and do a good job in the service guarantee work of the competition; actively learn from the successful practices of other colleges and universities, continue to expand the participation of the project, and constantly improve the quality of the participating projects.” Zhang Kun, vice president of Henan University of technology, said, “it is hoped that by taking this competition as an opportunity, colleges and universities can further strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship and deepen cooperation, so as to cultivate a large number of high-quality innovative talents who are bold and innovative for the high-quality development of Henan’s economy and society.” < p > < p > through layer by layer screening, 84 projects were promoted to the on-site evaluation, which were divided into four groups to compete for the qualification to be promoted to the national competition through the form of roadshow defense. The competition finally selected 51 items to enter the national competition training camp, and conducted one-to-one in-depth guidance for the shortlisted projects. < / P > < p > the competition also opened an online live channel, so that the leaders in charge of the relevant colleges and universities in the province, the responsible comrades of departments, instructors and contestants can watch the opening ceremony and the progress of the final online. In recent years, Henan University of technology has seriously implemented the spirit of the general office of the State Council and the general office of Henan provincial government, integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent training, and constantly improved students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovation and entrepreneurship ability. The university students have undertaken 403 National Undergraduate Innovation and entrepreneurship training programs and incubated more than 150 innovation and entrepreneurship projects In the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, more than 5600 provincial and ministerial awards were awarded, and 12 teams were awarded the honorary title of “entrepreneurial star” at provincial and municipal level. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?