Here comes the customized aircraft of the League of heroes! Besides the appearance, what are the highlights?

The S10 season of the League of heroes has entered the most intense elimination stage, and has become the most heated topic for players to discuss. As the S10 season of the League of heroes has entered a critical period, the cross-border game has also ushered in a new climax. A few days ago, oppo launched the exclusive customized version of oppo find x2 hero League S10. Today, we will talk about why this mobile phone can be connected with the game of League of heroes. < / P > < p > the S10 limited edition of oppo find x2 hero alliance is not the first customized mobile phone launched by oppo. Before that, oppo has successively launched models including GAODA customized version and EVA customized version. Due to the deep customized design, many customized models launched by oppo have been sought after by many users. This oppo find The S10 limited edition of x2 hero alliance also continues oppo’s consistent high-quality customization. We can feel the strong heroic alliance elements from the beginning of packaging. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition adopts exclusive square box design, and the outermost package is blue and gold color contrast design, which adds some mysterious color to the mobile phone. The packing box of the S10 limited edition of oppo find x2 heroic alliance is pure black, which is opened from the middle of the top. When the package is opened, the mobile phone will slowly rise. The S10 limited edition of oppo find x2 heroic alliance is inserted in the box. Taking out the mobile phone is like pulling out a sharp sword, which is not possessed by the ordinary version. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 hero League S10 limited edition has its exclusive appearance design. The back of the fuselage is covered by blue fog, and the middle part is the trophy mark of League of heroes world championship, which indicates the glorious moment brought by oppo find x2 hero League S10 limited edition. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition also has a limited protective case. The protective case is mainly black gold with transparent X-shaped design in the middle. When the mobile phone is put on the protective case, the cup and fog design on the back are highlighted. < / P > < p > the gene of heroic alliance has been deeply printed in oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition. The mobile phone carries five kinds of wallpaper, including izerell, Li Qing, Loveland, arilia and Titan. Each wallpaper has different effects. < / P > < p > the surprise is more than that. Oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition has even been customized on accessories, such as earphones with new colors, and the event logo is engraved on the headphones. A quick charging plug with heroic alliance elements, as well as a special commemorative card. Oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition is limited to 3000 units, each with its own unique card. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 heroic alliance S10 limited edition has even customized the card needle. The control guard card pin looks very delicate. In the past, we may throw the card pin casually. Now, even the card needle, we should keep it well. < / P > < p > in addition to the customization of appearance and system, oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition also has five hero skills, so that many game players can play more happily, and we can get better use experience in daily use. The S10 limited edition of oppo find x2 hero alliance adopts the snapdragon 865 mobile platform, which is very familiar to many users. After all, most of the flagship mobile phones adopt the snapdragon 865 mobile platform. In terms of CPU, the kryo CPU of snapdragon 865 has eight cores, which adopts 1 + 3 + 4 architecture. The super core and performance core are based on arm a77 architecture, with the highest frequency of 2.84ghz and 2.40GHz respectively. The four efficiency cores are based on arm A55 architecture with the highest frequency of 1.80GHz. < p > < p > in terms of GPU, Qualcomm also brings a brand-new experience. Users can upgrade the GPU through software update, so as to get the most timely and powerful experience through Adreno 650 GPU. < / P > < p > in addition to CPU and GPU, snapdragon 865 mobile platform includes hexagon 698 processor and spectra 480 Cv-isp computing visual image processor, sensor center, SPU security processor, memory controller and other modules are a high-performance mobile platform. According to the performance of many flagship mobile phones, the performance test of the snapdragon 865 mobile platform can exceed 600000. At present, any mobile game can run smoothly on the snapdragon 865 mobile platform. < / P > < p > the smooth operation of the performance level is not enough for the snapdragon 865 mobile platform. Relying on the snapdragon elite gaming, the snapdragon 865 even achieves a game experience comparable to the end game. Both the image quality performance and the rendering effect of light and shadow are regarded as the strongest level in the mobile phone field. < / P > < p > in terms of color, the mobile platform of snapdragon 865 is the first to realize the support of 10bit display capability. Previously, most people often see 8bit. In terms of color, 10bit is 64 times of 8bit, which means that all mobile phones using the mobile platform of snapdragon 865 have more accurate and real color display. < / P > < p > in the game aspect, more accurate color display will make the game screen display more realistic. Equipped with HDR display technology, the mobile game can achieve the end game effect in the picture quality level, which is very obvious for the improvement of game experience. < p > < p > the mobile platform of snapdragon 865 also provides a bonus item of image quality, that is, surreal enhanced image quality technology. This technology can intelligently analyze every frame of the game, so as to intelligently optimize the picture, adjust the color saturation and the clarity of details, so as to make the appearance of the picture more excellent. At the same time, thanks to the super performance of the integrated Adreno 650 GPU, the snapdragon 865 mobile platform can realize Adreno HDR fast mixing can optimize the heavy mixing game scenes commonly used in complex particle system and rendering, such as flame and smoke in glaze. While ensuring the image quality, the rendering speed is greatly improved, and the picture will not be stuck. < / P > < p > with the advent of 5g era, games in the future will be closely connected with the network. The 5g solution of snapdragon 865 + snapdragon x55 launched by Qualcomm has once again become the industry’s first choice. At present, the vast majority of 5g flagship mobile phones have adopted this solution. < / P > < p > the maximum download speed of snapdragon x55 modem and RF system is 7.5gbps, which is far higher than the current 5g network speed. This is also the preparation for the subsequent 5g upgrade, so that users who use the snapdragon 865 + snapdragon x55 terminal can still achieve the highest speed connection under the future 5g network. < / P > < p > with the popularity of Qualcomm, Wi Fi 6 has become a hot spot this year. The snapdragon 865 mobile platform supports Wi Fi 6 through the fastconnect 6800 mobile connection system, which can provide 1.8 Gbps connection speed, which also greatly improves the speed of indoor network. < / P > < p > with the support of snapdragon 865, oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 Limited Edition allows you to enjoy wonderful game experience anytime, anywhere and freely. < / P > < p > in addition to games, taking photos is another very important function of mobile phones, oppo find The S10 limited edition of x2 hero alliance is equipped with super sensitive multi focus imaging system, including 48 million pixel wide-angle main camera, 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and 13 million pixel long-range lens. The three lenses realize 5-fold hybrid optical zoom, which can not only shoot farther but also shoot more clearly. < / P > < p > in the past, when we took high-definition photos, we had to wait 1-2 seconds after pressing the shutter to complete the final imaging, because it took time for the chip to process the image. With the support of snapdragon 865 mobile platform, it can be completed in an instant from pressing the shutter to the final imaging. < / P > < p > the built-in spectra 480 ISP in the snapdragon 865 can process up to 2 billion pixels per second and 4 pixels per clock cycle, which is 4 times of the previous generation. It not only has faster image processing speed, but also can achieve 8K With the support of snapdragon 865 mobile platform, it has become possible for mobile phones to enter the era of 100 million pixels for 30 frames of video and 200 million resolution photos. < / P > < p > taking photos clearly by mobile phone is only the first step to take a good picture, and it is also very important to grasp the color and light. Naturally, there is no problem for professional photographers. So for the public users, how to solve the problem of light and color in daily shooting? The answer is AI. < / P > < p > relying on AI technology, we can automatically match the shooting scene, such as food, scenery, portrait, architecture, etc. through AI technology, the mobile phone can identify the shot scene and adjust the color automatically. At the same time, the mobile phone can monitor the light taken, and can automatically turn on the HDR function to help users take better photos. From this point of view, AI is also very important for taking photos. < p > < p > the snapdragon 865 is equipped with the fifth generation of Qualcomm AI engine, which can achieve up to 15 trillion operations per second, and its AI performance is twice that of the previous generation. Combined with snapdragon 865’s 1 billion pixel high-speed ISP and the fifth generation of qcomm AI engine, the terminal device can quickly and intelligently identify the background, portrait and object, so as to take truly customized photos according to different use cases. < / P > < p > in addition to taking photos, with strong computing support, the snapdragon 865 can carry out voice recognition, input, translation, text conversion, etc. in the future, AI will become one of the most important functions of mobile phones. < / P > < p > along with oppo find x2 hero alliance S10 limited edition, oppo watch hero alliance limited edition is also customized for the appearance and system of hero alliance. The dark green color matching will become the most fashionable technology product on your wrist. < / P > < p > the limited edition of oppo watch hero alliance is not only fashionable in appearance, but also very powerful in function. It can carry out all-round detection of exercise state, heart rate and sleep. At the same time, it supports water-proof of 50m swimming level, and there is no need to worry about rainy days. < / P > < p > users are often most concerned about the service life of smart watches. Thanks to the low power consumption advantage of the snapdragon wear 2500 platform, the limited edition of oppo watch hero alliance supports 40 hours of battery life in intelligent mode, and 21 days in long endurance mode. < / P > < p > If oppo watch and oppo find x2 are used together, they will give full play to their advantages. More detailed motion data can be viewed on oppo find X2, and more detailed settings can be made for watches. The watch has become the extension of the mobile phone. You can check the SMS, wechat and other information on the watch. When there is a message notice, the watch will also notify you, so that you will not miss any message. < / P > < p > for mobile phones, watches, bracelets, earphones, etc., oppo has also begun to lay out its own ecosystem. The connection between devices is closer, and the functions of mobile phones are constantly improved to make daily use more convenient. This is the advantage brought by ecology. < / P > < p > mobile phones are no longer only used for communication, but also integrate multiple functions such as communication, entertainment, photography, payment and so on. They are indispensable “daily necessities” in our daily life. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the comprehensive experience of mobile phones. At present, the domestic mobile phone market is developing rapidly, and the mobile phone quality has been greatly improved compared with the past, especially in the performance, entertainment and other experience aspects of the mobile phone with the support of the Qualcomm snapdragon Series platform