Here comes the iPhone 12 with tens of billions of subsidies! 600 yuan of direct drop is the lowest in the whole network

On November 10, the iPhone 12 in pinduoduo’s 10 billion subsidy zone officially went on sale. According to the page of the 10 billion subsidy Apple special session, the price of the iPhone 12 was from 5699 yuan. In the product purchase page, the subsidy price of 64GB is 5999 yuan, that of 128GB is 6499 yuan, and that of 256gb is 7299 yuan, which are the lowest prices of the whole network. In addition, the previous “300 yuan iPhone general coupon” can be superimposed, and the starting price of pinduoduo iPhone 12 is 5699 yuan. < / P > < p > this year, Apple released the most four iphone12 models in history. In addition to the iphone12 mini and iphone12 Pro max, which were released in November, the two new iphone12 and iphone12 Pro were first introduced to consumers in October. More than 10 billion subsidies have been launched again. We continue to implement the concept of creating the ultimate cost-effective and better shopping experience for consumers. We launched the iPhone 12 billion subsidy, so that more consumers can enjoy the latest technology. In addition, it is the annual double 11 season. According to media reports, more than 10 billion yuan of subsidies have been put on the market, and a lot of products have been subsidized for more than 100 billion yuan. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!