High end performance magic machine suitable for student party, I can’t put down glory X10

It is the beginning of the school season. At this juncture, it is also the peak season for the student party to change mobile phones one after another. However, the budget of the student party is limited after all. Even for the students who are about to enter university life, a large number of them are reluctant to spend their parents’ money to buy the flagship aircraft. So, in the case of limited budget, the 5g flagship with high appearance and high performance will not have a chance with the student party? Now I’d like to share with you the honor X10, which is easy to be accepted by the student party, does not lose the flagship and has a high cost performance ratio. < / P > < p > glory X10. I have used it for a long time. It not only has online appearance, smooth game and outstanding photos, but also has a good price! If you remember correctly, glory X10 also broke the price limit and pulled the price of 5g mobile phone below 2000 yuan. < / P > < p > first of all, look at the appearance. As a continuation of glory 9x, glory X10 still adopts the lifting camera scheme. This scheme is also one of the few true comprehensive screen schemes on the market. Compared with the mainstream perforated screen scheme, it has a broader and integrated aesthetic feeling. < / P > < p > the full screen of glory X10 is a 6.63 inch full speed screen with 90hz screen refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate. The resolution is 2400 * 1080, and the screen accounts for 92% of the total screen. Moreover, the screen has passed the Rhine low Blu ray certification. The cool appearance of technology can also bring more immersive game and video experience. < / P > < p > glory X10 adopts a 21 layer glass technology to create a back, which presents different diamond shaped light and shadow effects in different angles, colors and environments. Compared with the gradually changing color design, it can show the unique personality of young users. In particular, the newly launched flaming orange color on July 2, with the name of “orange” at one stroke, represents the best moral of students. < / P > < p > when it comes to the image part, glory X10 uses a 16 megapixel lens in front of it, and a 40 million ryyb high-sensitivity lens + 2 million pixel ultra macro lens + 8 million ultra wide angle & depth of field lens, and supports AIS anti shake. Glory X10 not only supports BM3D image noise reduction and dual domain joint noise reduction, but also has the high-speed imaging ability of “eagle eye level AI capture”. Even when shooting high-speed moving objects, there will be no “paste” embarrassment. < / P > < p > when it comes to the performance part of glory X10, it is equipped with Kirin 8205g SOC chip developed by itself. It comes from the flagship design of large, medium, small and three core architecture, and its performance and power consumption are fully balanced. This chip has perfect performance on the glory 30s. The powerful 5g SOC chip has laid a solid foundation for the flagship game performance of glory X10. < / P > < p > we tested a very popular game. When the picture quality was fully open, the performance of glory X10 in the game process was perfect, whether it was the peace elite eating chicken or the king glory group war. Basically, the performance was full frame running, and there would be no stuck frame dropping situation. < / P > < p > the high-speed screen and the flagship 8205g SOC processor make it look very much like a game phone. Although its positioning is not a game phone, its performance in all aspects can be comparable to that of a game phone. In addition, it also supports graphene cooling system, which can bring more efficient cooling effect. The frame rate stability, fluency and other game experience of glory X10 mentioned above, in addition to the strong hardware foundation, efficient cooling system is also indispensable. < p > < p > glory X10 is equipped with a 4300mah large battery, and supports fast charging of 22.5w. It can charge 45% in half an hour and the whole battery can be fully charged in 80 minutes. It’s no problem to use the battery for a day. With the efficient and fast charging, you don’t have to worry about the lack of electricity when you go out. < / P > < p > less than 2000 yuan, you can experience the pleasure brought by 5g network. More importantly, its performance in all aspects is similar to that of flagship level. Personally, I prefer the full screen visual experience without occlusion brought by the lift camera, which can bring more immersive comfort when watching movies or playing games. Generally speaking, the performance of glory X10 in all aspects of this price segment is very good. Of course, it has some small regrets. For example, the lack of NFC makes it lack of many application scenarios. If you are not very cold about NFC functions, a comprehensive configuration of glory X10 is still worth purchasing. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?