High end players must! 144hz hardware and ecological blessing, Rog game phone 3 can’t go back

I believe that many players know that in order to attract more players to join, the major game manufacturers will often make the screen more sophisticated. For example:,,, and other popular mobile games, not only have higher image quality, but also adapt to 90hz and above in the version frame rate. However, for the device, there are also hard requirements, that is, the mobile phone must support 90hz and above refresh rate.

so, for gamers, how can we choose a suitable game phone? In fact, the Rog game phone 3 just released last time is a good choice. Because, in terms of screen refresh rate, Rog game phone 3 supports 144hz refresh rate. For games like,, and, Rog game phone 3 can easily be competent.

in addition to the high refresh rate, the Rog game phone 3 also has an ultra-low response time of 1ms. Combined with the 270Hz touch sampling rate, the Rog game mobile phone 3 can not only bring a smooth and delicate picture, but also bring a more hands-on control experience, so that you can experience the control experience of where to play.

of course, Rog game phone 3 is also a game phone developed in depth with Tencent games. It not only has strong performance in hardware, but also has excellent performance in software optimization. It is understood that the Rog game mobile phone 3 has cooperated with Tencent game in the aspects of “depth adaptation hardware for game content”, “core performance optimization of Tencent solar core” and “customization and intermodal transportation of exclusive props in the game”. This also means that Rog game phone 3 should have a more competitive advantage in the face of other competing mobile phones.

secondly, Rog game phone 3 also uses the most powerful snapdragon 865 plus processor on the market, which has a 10% improvement in overall performance compared with the previous generation of snapdragon 865 processor. In addition, the Rog game phone 3 is also equipped with ufs3.0 flash memory and lpddr5 memory to maximize the full performance of Rog game phone 3.

according to the data run points given by the domestic authoritative evaluation agency Antu rabbit, the Rog game phone 3 is the only smart phone with a breakthrough of 650000 on the market. Even if Lenovo’s lifesaver E-sports mobile phone, which also uses the snapdragon 865 plus processor, has only about 640000 running points. It can be seen that Rog has more experience in the collaborative optimization of hardware and software, and can fully release the performance of mobile phone.

generally speaking, for most game loving players, the Rog game phone 3 is undoubtedly the best choice. It not only has the top hardware stacking materials such as snapdragon 865 plus, lpddr5, ufs3.1, but also has reached a deep cooperation with Tencent games. With the strong cooperation of the two, it will surely bring us more extreme use experience. If you are also interested in this machine, don’t pay attention to the first sale time on July 30~~

Author: zmhuaxia