High power and fast charging solution to your worries

For 5g mobile phones, it is a good thing that many users have to choose 5g mobile phones after upgrading. However, the advantage of 5g mobile phones is that they can’t enjoy the new features of high-speed mobile phones It’s hard for them to get fat.

fortunately, there are always some manufacturers who understand the needs of this type of users. Therefore, among a large number of 5g mobile phones with more than 200g, some lightweight products will stand out. It is the high-power fast charging technology that helps them maintain the endurance while being light.

since the first generation of vooc flash charging, oppo has been the representative of fast charging mobile phones. On the one hand, its charging efficiency has always been at the forefront of the industry. On the other hand, while maintaining high power and fast charging, oppo has always regarded temperature control and safety as the primary guarantee features in technology research and development. Therefore, we can find that oppo mobile phones not only have low temperature when charging, Bright screen charging can also ensure high efficiency.

oppo reno4 Pro is equipped with 65W supervooc 2.0 Flash charging technology. Through the ingenious series voltage divider design of 2 * 2000mAh dual cells, reno4 Pro still maintains the advantages of low voltage, high current, fast charging, high efficiency and low heating. It only takes 36 minutes to fully charge 4000mAh, which provides good endurance support for reno4 pro, which is as thin as 7.6mm and weighs only 172g.

oppo reno4 Pro also maintains oppo’s consistent high color design. The light-weight fuselage is combined with the back cover which is double supported by crystal diamond technology and anti fingerprint coating. It has glass texture, wear resistance and fingerprint resistance. The overall appearance and touch are very popular.

OPPO ACE2 itself is also relatively light and thin in 5g mobile phones this year. The overall size is 160 * 75.4 * 8.6MM and the weight is 185g. It is more prominent among the same level models equipped with 6.55 inch large screen and 4000mAh battery. With rock grey, dreamy purple and Aurora silver, which has just appeared recently, ACE2 has excellent hand and appearance, especially the aurora silver color matching, which is dazzling and dreamy The back cover has a unique aesthetic feeling.

after the debut of the previous generation products with high refresh rate screen and 65W supervooc super flash charging 2.0, the oppo ACE2 has also brought the same upgrade. The front is equipped with a 90hz refresh rate + 180hz touch sampling rate video game screen, and the charging is added 40W on the basis of 65W wired flash charging Airvooc Wireless Flash charging is not only the fastest Wireless Flash charging model on the market at present, but also forms a super complete flash charging package of 65W wired + 40W wireless + 10W wireless reverse charging.

in terms of configuration, oppo ACE2 fully inherits the player attributes of ACE series, carries the flagship snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and is equipped with a memory specification of up to 12gb lpddr5 ram + 256gb UFS 3.0 Rom. whether users want to experience large-scale games, background multi task mounting, or have massive data resources to store, oppo ACE2 can easily meet the requirements.

although X series was the fist class product series of vivo before, it was not superior in absolute performance. If you really need a strong performance of your mobile phone, then this x series super large cup vivo X50 PRO + is very worthy of consideration, adhering to the X Series exquisite and solid easy to use at the same time, the snapdragon 865 mobile platform also brings a strong game ability, with the high refresh rate of 120Hz screen, the game is also a good player.

the dual color cloud scale layout is also adopted, but the X50 PRO + rear four camera is changed to 5000W main camera + 3200W portrait lens + 1300W periscope long focus + 1300W wide-angle macro lens. The main camera is Samsung gn1 with 1 / 1.3-inch bottom. Although there is no micro cloud platform Design on X50 pro, the performance of OIS optical anti shake is also expected.

X50 PRO + has a built-in 4350mah battery and supports 44w ultra fast flash charging. In terms of configuration, in addition to the snapdragon 865, the X50 PRO + is also equipped with a maximum of 12gb lpddr5 ram + 256gb UFS 3.1. Even after the introduction of the new snapdragon 865 plus, the performance of the X50 PRO + can be stabilized at the first level. Now, students who want to buy it can start directly without hesitation.

the above products are all flagship products, and the price will naturally be higher. If the budget is relatively limited, iqoo neo3, which is equipped with 144hz racing screen and snapdragon 865 mobile platform, is also a good choice. The high refresh rate of 144hz is the highest at present, and I believe it will still be the leader of high brush models next year.

the screen itself is a 6.57-inch pole screen. A 1600W pixel front selfie lens is hidden in the hole. Stereo dual speakers are used at the top and bottom. The built-in hi fi chip brings excellent audio-visual experience. The back is equipped with 4800W wide-angle three camera, including 48 million pixel main camera + 112 ° ultra wide angle + macro camera. Outside the game, daily video entertainment, shooting and self shooting are performed And so on.

the iqoo Neo series, which holds high the banner of cost performance, also brings excellent configuration. It not only used the flagship snapdragon 865 mobile platform before the replacement, but also equipped with 6 + 128 / 8 + 128 / 12 + 128 / 8 + 256gb and other memory specifications for users to choose from, and large-scale games can also be well controlled. In terms of endurance, it has a built-in 4500mAh large battery and the iconic 44w ultra fast flash charging as the backing support, so that users can feel free to play. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia