High speed experience, small size also has efficient turas PD fast charging

As an iPhone XS mobile phone user, there is a daily need for charging. This apple mobile phone already supports the design of PD fast charging. However, the original charger of the phone is still the ancestral 5v1a charging head. The original PD quick charging naturally costs a lot. By comparison, I chose a tulas PD fast charging head. Let’s have a simple experience. < / P > < p > nowadays, PD fast charging chargers are very common, and various brands have launched their own styles. The reason why I choose tulas is very simple, because I have used a variety of accessories of this brand, and I feel that they are relatively reliable. The package design is simple and compact with brand mark. < / P > < p > the accessories are simple, with traditional manual collocation. In addition, a special charging line from C socket to lightning can be selected for adaptation. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at the overall size and volume. It is only 34.5mm × 51mm × 43.3mm, and its main product is portable and very small. The product has two colors of white and black, and adopts fireproof material design. There is only one C port of PD protocol for output, and USB type-C interface can be plugged in both positive and negative directions. Now it has become the mainstream socket for charging various mobile phones, which is a relatively conventional design. < / P > < p > can be folded storage socket design, input voltage support 100v-240v, can also be used when traveling abroad. The output mode of socket C supports three kinds of PD fast charging protocols: 5V 3a, 9V 3a and 14.5V 2A. The maximum power reaches 29w. That is to say, when the mobile phone battery runs out, it can charge 50% of the power in the first 30 minutes as soon as possible, which is very practical. < / P > < p > plug protocol is convenient to support Apple protocol and pd3.0 fast charging protocol. In terms of wire, it is necessary to connect USB type-C to lightning dedicated data cable to charge apple. For Android phones, it needs to be equipped with a C-C Socket line. < / P > < p > for the charging effect, it is actually determined by the mobile phone. The tulas PD fast charging combination is undoubtedly easy to meet the demand for my apple XS mobile phone, with protocol matching and fast charging. In the premise of good heat dissipation, 50% of the power can be flushed in half an hour, which is very practical when you are in a hurry to go out. Compared with Apple’s original charger, it is undoubtedly very efficient and high-speed. < / P > < p > after a series of experience, such a tulas PD charger is undoubtedly very practical. Its small size makes you carry it without worry. Its super high output efficiency can easily meet the charging needs of mobile phones and tablet devices. It can bring most of the power in a short time. If you need it, you can try it. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine