High speed transcribe, intelligent and convenient: these two office tools make your work efficiency better!

As office workers, the most important thing is efficiency. As business people who hold meetings every day, facing the mountain of work, almost every employee hopes to have an office tool to improve efficiency. Some time ago, I received iFLYTEK’s flying mouse mouse and e-reader from Jiguo, which gave me a chance to experience a business person’s office and charging magic device. Let’s take a look at the new changes brought to us by iFLYTEK’s AI intelligent digital products.

the mouse is something that office workers will use every day. The traditional mouse is generally used to click, drag and drop files, browse web pages, etc., making computer operation more convenient. On the basis of the traditional mouse, the flying mouse innovatively integrates the voice interaction functions such as input, translation, manipulation, etc., and turns an ordinary mouse into an intelligent mouse. Just install the “flying mouse voice assistant” software to stimulate the full potential of the intelligent voice mouse of science and Technology University of science and technology.

the overall modeling of flying mouse voice mouse is quite business model. From the side, the line is very full and smooth, which is in line with ergonomics and comfortable to hold. The body center symmetry design, let the mouse become more durable to see. This design also does not pick the hand, whether it is the left hand or the right hand can be easily controlled. The material is also more delicate, frosted texture, palms will not cause sticky feeling when sweating, can achieve better anti perspiration and anti-skid, improve the controllability. At the same time, the mouse is a wireless charging mouse, no need to replace the battery, equipped with 800 MAH lithium battery, supporting ultra long standby for 100 days. Charging is very fast. It can be used for a whole day in 5 minutes.

unlike ordinary mice, the smart voice mouse of iFLYTEK is equipped with the most advanced technology of iFLYTEK. It can transcribe the voice, and can code words without keyboard and voice control. The code speed of the flying mouse intelligent mouse is 400 / min, which can directly crush the traditional typing speed.

in some very important business meetings, you just need to open the mouse to record the meeting minutes easily. In addition to accurate speech recognition into text, the mouse can also intelligently break sentences and automatically add punctuation marks. After that, you just need to make simple adjustments. Without the trouble of meeting and meeting minutes, the accuracy rate can reach 97%.

it is also very convenient to experience the voice translation function of the flying mouse. Double click the voice to switch to the voice translation mode, and then speak Chinese directly, and the mouse can be directly translated into English. The mouse can support 28 kinds of foreign language translation. The mouse mouse has high recognition of common words and sentences, and the translation speed is fast enough.

in addition, some computer operations can also be realized by voice instructions. For example, press and hold the voice key of the flying mouse and say “increase / decrease the volume” to adjust the volume directly. Can also use the mouse mouse to search Baidu voice directly, convenient and fast.

in general, while retaining the traditional mobile click function, the voice interaction function is added to the smart mouse voice mouse, which provides a new way for human-computer interaction.

the other sharp weapon I received is Migu iFLYTEK e-reader R1. For modern people, compared with traditional paper books, e-books have the advantages of being light and portable. A large number of books can be stored in a small body and can be read anytime and anywhere, which is much more convenient than traditional books. Moreover, its screen has no blue light and does not hurt eyes, so it is very comfortable to read with it.

it adopts a pure flat design with high color value and full fitting technology, which can avoid dust accumulation and bring a wide perspective. Compared with the Kindle’s “pool” screen, the screen of iFLYTEK’s e-reader is more comfortable.

the reason why e-book reader can become the first choice for digital reading lies in its screen. The LCD screen of ordinary mobile phone has high brightness and flicker which is hard to detect by the naked eye. The ink screen of iFLYTEK e-book reader, which looks like real paper, can protect your eyesight. With a 6-inch eink ink screen and high-definition, iFLYTEK e-reader R1 brings a reading experience comparable to that of a paper book.

at the same time, R1 has built-in Tencent News, which provides original support for the ink screen, and supports one key cache of 24-hour news of the channel that has been concerned. It can be read for 2 hours in the network-free environment. When you are on the high-speed rail or on the plane, you can not have a monotonous flight. The reader also comes with its own speaker. It supports online or offline listening and reading by using the voice synthesis technology of Suntech. It also supports AI to simulate a variety of human voices, with accurate pronunciation and clear rhythm.

of course, book resources are one of the most important factors for e-books. IFLYTEK e-book reader R1 has built-in resources of two mega iFLYTEK bookstores, 600000 + high-quality stacks, 150000 free books, covering classic masterpieces, best-selling novels, etc. the body has 8GB storage space, which can store thousands of e-books. It also supports the collection of news content such as WeChat official account, NetEase, headlines, etc., supporting SkyDrive content such as Baidu SkyDrive and OneDrive, and supporting the import of common electronic format files such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, etc.

if you are a reader, you must not miss the iFLYTEK e-book reader R1 of HKUST. Whether you pass the fragmented time on the commute, or supplement the spiritual food before going to bed or on the weekend afternoon, the iFLYTEK e-reader is a reading companion of book lovers.

in modern society, technology is changing our lives. AI technology also brings new office experience to business office. We strongly recommend iFLYTEK’s AI products, which can bring different feelings to your work!

Author: zmhuaxia