Himalaya responds to “send Huawei P40 Pro” campaign: 19 mobile phones will be sent out soon

Beijing, November 19 (Xinhua) the Himalayan audio sharing platform “pumping Huawei P40 Pro” has attracted wide attention. Recently, the official microblog of Himalaya said that 19 winning users had been informed and 19 Huawei P40 Pro were sent out soon. < p > < p > it is reported that on November 2, the official micro blog of Himalaya released the activity of “sending Huawei P40 pro and so on” to invite netizens to participate. During the activity, due to the operation error of the editor, one Huawei mobile phone in the prize was set to 19, so 19 users received the winning information of “winning a Huawei P40 Pro mobile phone”. In this regard, Himalaya response, did not solve this problem in time, to win the user caused trouble, sorry! With the support of the company, the small editorial board will realize the rights and interests consistent with the lottery information. At present, 19 winning users have been informed and the express address has been collected. 19 Huawei P40 Pro will be sent out soon. Older posts →