Hong Kong shares Hang Seng up 308 points in a week? Millet has risen by 24% in three days

On August 28, the Hong Kong stock futures index closed on the settlement day, while the Hang Seng Index Expanded to 491 points; the three major indexes of Hong Kong stock market developed individually. Xiaomi-w continued to catch the audience’s attention, but the three new economic stocks alibaba-sw, meituan review-w and jingdong-sw, which once again reached the top yesterday, showed signs of fatigue today and fell back from their high positions. Domestic demand shares in turn speculation, today’s turn Mengniu Dairy power. Financial stocks AIA and HSBC Holdings contributed to the rise of the Hang Seng Index. < p > < p > after xiaomi-w announced its over expected results, its share price was not high enough to soar for the third day in a row and continued to search for the “ceiling”; it rose further by 5.4% or HK $1.15 to close at HK $22.5, setting a new record of HK $23.85, with a turnover of HK $13.912 billion, remaining at the top of the transaction list, with a market value of HK $542.424 billion. In the three days, the stock price rose by HK $4.38 or 24.2%, and the market value rose by HK $105.591 billion. Xiaomi has released a new technology for the third generation screen camera. When the front camera is used to take self photos, the screen will become transparent, making the light fully enter the camera. The daily Hang Seng Index closed up 140.91 points, or 0.56%, to 25422.06. The Hang Seng SOE index fell 19.11 points, or 0.19%, to 10182.83. The Hang Seng technology index rose 40.04 points, or 0.53%, to 7580.9. The transaction amount was HK $165.596 billion. This week, the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong shares maintained a pattern of one-day rise and one-day decline, with a cumulative increase of 308.22 points or 1.2% and a repeated upward trend. < p > < p > the Hang Seng index opened 49.62 points or 0.2% higher in the morning; after the market opened, it once fell back, reaching an intraday low of 25258.16 points at 9:32, down 22.99 points from yesterday’s closing of 25281.15 points. Then it rose steadily. After noon, the increase was enlarged. At 14:06, it reached the intraday high of 25749.4 points, with a maximum of 468.25 points. The rise of the tail market gradually narrowed, and the final closing up was 140.91 points; the up and down amplitude was 491.24 points. < / P > < p > the trading volume of Hong Kong stock connect was HK $27.324 billion, and the net inflow of Beishui into Hong Kong shares was HK $4.265 billion. In August, Hang Seng index futures rose 320 points to 25531 at 15:59. In September, Hang Seng index futures rose 213 points to 25344, with more than 156000 contracts and 103000 open positions. In August, the Hang Seng state-owned enterprise index futures rose 64 points to 10252. In September, the Hang Seng state-owned enterprise index futures rose 5 points to 10166, with 120000 contracts and 190000 open positions. In terms of < / P > < p > stocks, many new economy stocks have been in a weak state after reaching the top, turning around at the peak and falling against the market. Tencent fell 3.1%, or HK $17.5, to close at HK $540.5, with a turnover of HK $12.345 billion. Alibaba – SW fell 1.3%, or HK $3.6, to HK $277 from its historic closing peak of HK $280.6. Meituan review – w also fell back from its peak of HK $271, down 2.1%, or HK $5.8, to HK $265.2. Similarly, jd-sw fell 2.6%, or HK $8.2, to HK $308.4 from its peak of HK $316.6. Financial stocks were popular after US Federal Reserve Chairman Colin Powell’s latest comments. AIA rose 4.1%, or HK $3.15, to close at HK $80.65, a six-and-a-half-month high, pushing the Hang Seng Index up 11 points. HSBC Holdings rose 2.1%, or HK $0.7, to HK $34, while the Hang Seng Index rose 44 points. At the Jackson Hole annual meeting, Powell put forward a new long-term monetary policy stance of “average inflation target”, which symbolizes that the Bureau will allow inflation to exceed 2%, and it also means that the current low interest rate environment is expected to maintain for a longer time and maintain a favorable atmosphere for risk assets. Kingdee International rose 7.7% or HK $1.46 to close at HK $20.4 after hitting a one month low of HK $18.1 on August 26. < p > < p > today, the star of domestic demand shares turned to Mengniu Dairy, which rose 10.4% or HK $3.7 to close at HK $39.2, a new high in the market. In the second quarter of 2020, Mengniu’s revenue increased by 19.2% to 19.765 billion yuan, with a net profit of 1.285 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 86.2%. In terms of trading shares, Jiantao laminate rose 19.9%, or HK $1.62, to HK $9.75, with a turnover of HK $504 million. Although the net profit of Kingboard in the first half of the year dropped by 32% to HK $733 million, the company paid an interim interest of HK $10 per share and a special interim interest of HK $1.9, totaling HK $2. < p > < p > after the results were announced, Netdragon fell 15.5%, or HK $3.85, to HK $21.05, with a turnover of HK $278 million. Net profit of Netdragon in the first half of this year was 336 million yuan, down 20.2% year on year. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer