Hope for China? Good news from domestic mobile phone Giants: Huawei will no longer be alone

Some time ago, Lei Jun’s speech at the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s new product conference was full of enthusiasm. The description of Xiaomi’s vision and the introduction of its products were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In contrast, the chip launch of Huawei, another mobile phone giant in China, made people feel a little sad. Yu Chengdong talked about the recent situation of Huawei chips, especially when he said that Kirin 9000 might become the best song of high-end Kirin chips, many people were worried. Huawei is faced with a series of “chip free” measures from the United States. We all know that Huawei Hisilicon has made some achievements in chip design, and can design world-class high-end chips. However, the manufacturing aspect is embarrassed. It is equivalent to a cook who has quite delicious recipes, but without kitchen utensils, delicious dishes can only be empty talk. < / P > < p > since the chip problem can’t be bypassed, Huawei is also taking positive measures to face it. The genius project and the Nanniwan plan are all measures taken by Huawei in the face of us chip sanctions. It employs professionals with high salaries to fundamentally solve the problem of chip production. It also encourages its employees to move forward with the spirit of Nanniwan. In my opinion, Mr. Ren is really brave enough. In terms of chips, this is to be tough with the “particularly unreliable” government. < p > < p > the above is Huawei’s internal plan, and Huawei has also made a lot of efforts to use external forces recently. Signed 120 million chip orders with MediaTek to solve the urgent need of Huawei mobile phone chips. This move also made Qualcomm a little flustered, because such a large piece of fat, Qualcomm really can not afford to lose. It is reported that Qualcomm is lobbying the “unconvincing” government to lift the ban on Huawei. < / P > < p > many netizens may have questions. Can we guarantee the quality of Tianji chips from MediaTek? In recent years, there is still a gap between MediaTek and Qualcomm. In my opinion, there is no need to worry too much about this problem, because the 120 million chip orders can bring a lot of money to MediaTek, so that more funds can be invested in R & D. Then again, the chips of MediaTek are also good. The market feedback of Tianji 800 made by 7Nm technology is very good. From this point of view, the technical capacity of the Department is still in order. < p > < p > today’s China chip team has grown a lot. Lei Jun also publicly said that the surging chip is still in research and development, Xiaomi will not give up its investment in chip, and the whole project is still in progress. Although it has been three years since the release of surging S1 chip, since general manager Lei has said so, I believe that the release of the second generation of surging chip is also fast. < / P > < p > If Huawei is the main force of China chip, is there any other team besides Xiaomi? The answer is: Yes! A few days ago, oppo, a domestic mobile phone giant, announced the establishment of a new company called zheku technology. The company’s main project is chip. From chip design to semiconductor component production, zheku wants to create a completely independent chip chain. This makes a lot of people can’t help thinking: is there any hope for China chip? Oppo has made a detailed development plan in chip research and development, and has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources. It is said that oppo has made some progress in chip research and development. From this point of view, oppo wants to follow Huawei’s example and aims to become a first-class chip manufacturer. I believe that with the unremitting efforts of many Chinese enterprises and the full cooperation of the whole industry chain, China will also have its own mobile chip, and Huawei will no longer be alone! Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing