Horizontal evaluation of 500W power supply: voltage deviation is not so simple

In the power market, the products are mixed, not only full of shoddy cottage power supply, but also a lot of false or even unqualified products, which are not small hidden dangers for players. However, it is difficult for consumers to screen products and do not have professional instruments and skills to test the power supply by themselves. Therefore, the horizontal evaluation of power supply has become an important and urgent matter. < / P > < p > in order to let players better understand the product performance and screen out potential power products, Zhongguancun Online Evaluation Center has brought forward the annual plan for 2020: random inspection and horizontal evaluation of market power supply. < p > < p > referring to the first half of 2020 data released by ZDC Research Center, in the first quarter of random inspection and horizontal evaluation of market power supply, we chose the most concerned 500W power supply, and the price was controlled at 250-300 yuan, which was more popular with players. Finally, we selected 13 types of 500W power supply. < p > < p > 500W power supply horizontal review published the test results of conversion efficiency in yesterday’s article, which brings about voltage deviation today. The voltage deviation sounds a little confusing, but the meaning is not complicated. Voltage deviation refers to the deviation between the output voltage of the power supply and the ideal value, and the amplitude of the deviation is the voltage deviation. < p > < p > CPU, graphics card and other hardware need power supply. If the voltage deviation of power supply is too large, it will affect the work of hardware and even lead to hardware “strike”. It is easy to see that the better the amplitude of voltage deviation is, the more stable the power supply is, that is, the smaller the absolute value of voltage deviation is, the better. < p > < p > Intel’s ATX power supply specification is that the voltage deviation within 5% is qualified. We believe that the power supply with voltage deviation within 1% is excellent, 2% is excellent, 3% is excellent, 4% is good, less than 5% is qualified, and more than 5% is unqualified. < / P > < p > our instrument for voltage deviation test is electricity analyzer, which is a high-power DC electronic load, up to 8 groups of 80A, 10 groups of 80V, the total load power can reach 2920w, support 10 groups of load data, support 10 groups of s.p.s., and can real-time display 10 groups of input voltage values, voltage accuracy of 0.2%, current accuracy of 0.3%, power accuracy of 0.2%. < / P > < p > we set it according to the parameter plate of the power supply, and then gradually increase the load according to 10% to 100% of the rated power. Record the output voltage of each circuit and compare it with the ideal voltage value. The maximum deviation range is the voltage deviation we measured. < / P > < p > from the test results, all the 13 power supplies in this horizontal evaluation have passed the voltage deviation test, and there is no obvious gap between the products. < / P > < p > specific to each product, including TT TR2 gold The output control of 500W is excellent within the deviation range of 2%. Xianma gold medal 500W, coolan Zhizun mwe500, Xingu gp600g, quanhan Blue Storm Xuandong II and Haiyun a12-500 control perform well within the deviation range of 3%. Hangjia wd500k, Antaike vp500p, Great Wall gw-d600nh and jinhetian gf500g control perform well within the deviation range of 4%. < / P > < p > if you just look at the test results, you may feel that the voltage deviation of all the 13 power supplies is controlled within the deviation range of 3.5%, which is a great distance from the 5% limit. It seems that everyone’s output performance is good. < / P > < p > but it should be noted that voltage deviation is an ideal environment, because the test environment is to evenly set the load for each circuit, but in actual use, there is almost no such situation, so voltage deviation is a relatively loose test item, and it is normal for all power supplies to have good performance. < / P > < p > of course, after the voltage deviation test, we can only say that the basis of the power supply is OK. To see the performance of the power supply in the actual use environment, we have to see the cross load voltage deviation brought by tomorrow. In addition, we will start the live broadcast of horizontal review at 18:00 p.m. on October 26 and October 27. We will see you at 536341! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865