Hot for two days, iPhone 12 below the release price, do not “increase” to buy!

Iphone12 and iphone12 Pro were officially put on sale on the 23rd of this month. On the opening day, many consumers were queuing up at the entrance of Apple’s Direct stores and authorized stores. In addition, many stores increased their prices directly. In order to get the machines at the first time, some consumers could only choose to “increase the price”. Among them, the price increase of iPhone 12 was about 300 yuan, while that of iPhone 12 was about 300 yuan The price increase of Pro is about 2000 yuan. < / P > < p > as Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, the hot sales of iphone12 and iphone12 Pro are also expected. After all, many “fruit fans” have been waiting for Apple’s 5g mobile phones for too long. The Android camp launched 5g smartphones in the first half of last year, and apple added 5g features more than a year later than the Android camp, and there is no difference in baseband. < / P > < p > from the view of the dismantling video of foreign media, both iphone12 and iphone12 Pro use snapdragon x55 baseband from Qualcomm. This year, in order to support 5g network, Qualcomm has equipped snapdragon 865 chip and snapdragon 865 plus chip with snapdragon x55 baseband, and mobile phone manufacturers are not allowed to purchase snapdragon 865 series chips separately, and they must be purchased with snapdragon x55 baseband. < p > < p > the snapdragon x55 baseband is a powerful 5g baseband in the industry. However, due to the early release of the product, the 7Nm process is still adopted. Therefore, many iPhone 12 series mobile phone users say that the serious fever is caused by the baseband. In order to deal with the baseband heating, Android camp products have added various heat dissipation technologies It’s better to test. < / P > < p > since yesterday afternoon, channel news shows that the prices of iphone12 and iphone12 Pro have fallen below the official website price; the price of iphone12 is about 100 yuan cheaper than that on the official website, while the price of iphone12 is about 100 yuan lower than that on the official website Pro is two or three hundred yuan cheaper, which makes many “price increase” users exclaim “cheated”; however, this seems to be the beginning, and Xiaozhai thinks that the channel price is likely to continue to decline. < / P > < p > the price of iPhone 12 series machines obtained by channel vendors is lower than that on the official website, because Apple needs to leave enough profits to the channel providers; and Apple also needs to rely on the channel providers to quickly ship the products. The two complement each other. In earlier years, apple did not allow channel vendors to adjust their own prices. As long as they did not sell according to Apple’s stipulated price, the channel would be cancelled Because of the qualification to sell iPhone, the price of channel providers is relatively stable. However, as the sales of iphonexer and iphonexs series machines are lower than expected, the channel vendors can only reduce prices and promote sales by a large margin. In order to quickly digest the inventory, Apple has to acquiesce to the channel providers’ practice. Therefore, last year’s iPhone 11 fell below the official price on the day of its launch. In the end, the channel vendors also want to get higher sales in the first time, and at the same time, rapid shipment can also reduce the inventory Pressure. Xiaozhai suggests that partners do not need to “raise the price” to buy iphone12 and iphone12 pro. There is no problem with Apple’s official production capacity, and they can buy machines directly next month at the latest. In addition, many e-commerce platforms will hold “e-commerce Festival” next month, when machines will not only be “in stock”, but there may be some price concessions. New product launch