Hot search on the fire of rechargeable warm clothes in the end fragrance? Experts remind: there is a risk of low temperature burns

On December 30, “Li Qin’s warm clothes can be recharged” rushed to the microblog hot search, reaping 170 million reading. In the video, the female star Li Qin “Amway” put forward a kind of heating warm clothes that can be recharged on her body, saying that all three gears can be adjusted, and netizens have asked for the same one after another. < / P > < p > after charging, you can heat and keep warm, and there are three gears to adjust the temperature. So, is this kind of charging warm clothing as magical as the video says? Are there any hidden dangers? < p > < p > more than $600 worth of electric power can’t be charged on the market. However, if the temperature is above 50 ℃ in 30 seconds, the warm clothes can be heated above 60 ℃ This kind of charging warm clothes has the danger of “low temperature scald”. < / P > < p > on December 30, “Li Qin’s warm clothes can be recharged” rushed to the microblog hot search. Li Qin, a female star, wore a warm clothes that can be recharged with the power bank, which made many netizens shout magic. < / P > < p > “the heating clothes are rechargeable, which I wear when I’m on the set. Heating clothes have a battery, red is the highest grade, you can also choose blue, green. The heating clothes are equipped with batteries. The batteries need to be recharged. ” Li Qin said in the video, “I can’t open it now, otherwise it will be too hot. I’m already hot.” < / P > < p > this amazing rechargeable warm clothes was also recommended by Song Yi, a female star, last year. In December 2019, Song Yi participated in the activity in Harbin, and also told the netizen “Amway” a similar charging heating suit, which also said “press the button, the heating suit will start to generate electricity, and it will heat itself.” < / P > < p > on the online sales platform, search the keywords “rechargeable warm clothes” and “electric underwear” to find similar warm clothes. Some businesses directly print the words “Li with the same model”, and the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to more than 600 yuan. < / P > < p > what is the principle of such warm clothes to achieve the warm effect? It is introduced that the electric quantity of the clothes can be converted into heat by charging in the heating area. There are 12 heating areas all over the body, including shoulder, elbow, waist, abdomen, knee, leg and other parts. The merchants said that “the heating area is large and the heating speed is fast.” < / P > < p > the poster slogan of one of the stores said: “heat up to 50 ℃ in 30 seconds, lithium battery power supply for 6 hours.” There are even businesses in the video said, “this is a cold resistance minus 40 degrees of thermal underwear.” < / P > < p > so, is there any risk of being “electrified” by such rechargeable warm clothes? As we all know, the safe voltage of human body is 36V, and the power supply interface of such charging warm clothes ranges from 5V to 7.5V, which is lower than the safe voltage of human body. Most of the rechargeable warm clothes are powered by the power bank. The general power bank specification is 10000 ma. Choosing a qualified product and using a qualified power bank to avoid short circuit and fire may be more important than worrying about the potential crisis of being “electrified”. < / P > < p > how much centigrade can it be heated to? Some businessmen claim that the temperature of the third gear is respectively “high temperature 60 degrees, medium temperature 55 degrees and low temperature 45 degrees”, while others say that the top gear temperature can rise to 65 degrees. < / P > < p > according to the pictures of netizens who have bought it, after adjusting the button, the rechargeable warm clothes can be heated to 65 degrees. The thermometer put aside by netizens shows that the temperature is 67.4 degrees. “The measured temperature is really enough. There is a video to prove that it can reach 65 degrees, but it’s too hot to put on.” < / P > < p > previously, many places in China have also seen the news that hand warmers cause people to be scalded by low temperature. The average temperature of hand warmers and baby warmers on the market is between 40 ℃ and 50 ℃. That is to say, the temperature provided by the rechargeable warm clothes may be higher than that of the hand warmer, and too high a temperature may cause people to be scalded by low temperature. < / P > < p > as for the rechargeable warm clothes, most people wear them close to the body. Even some businesses directly gave suggestions for close fitting wear, “good moisture absorption and air permeability, keep close fitting wear at the same time, the inner layer is always dry.” In this regard, Tan Ziming, chief physician of burn department of Chengdu Second People’s Hospital, said: “it’s risky to use it. According to some previous research data, if it lasts more than 46 degrees for half an hour, it can cause skin scald. The longer it lasts, the deeper the degree of scald will be. If the temperature can reach 50 or 60 degrees, it’s impossible to wear underwear for only 10 minutes If it burns continuously, it will definitely damage the skin. ” In addition, Dr. Tan pointed out: “low temperature burns are easy to occur in winter. Patients with decreased immunity, postoperative or long-term bedridden patients, the elderly and children are prone to low-temperature burns in the process of heating. The use of heating equipment, such as baby warmers, hot water bags, electric heaters, as well as poor quality, no temperature control electric blanket, these contact heating equipment, may cause low temperature burns. After scalding, at the beginning of the disease is very invisible, patients in the rest, unconscious state, found when it is often local redness, blistering. Low temperature scald because it is a continuous scald, the wound is generally small, but relatively deep < / P > < p > Dr. Tan suggested that if you find low-temperature scald, you should go to the hospital for the first time to find a specialist to judge the depth of low-temperature scald. Generally, most of them will have deep scald. In principle, surgery is recommended when there is no infection in the early stage.

official Health Commission China’s WeChat official account of “WeChat health” issued a reminder in long time earlier this year: “low temperature burns” refers to chronic burns caused by prolonged exposure to objects above skin temperature. For example, if a low heat object at 45 ℃ touches your skin for more than 30 minutes, you may get scalded. ” The article reminds us that once the hot water bag, hot baby, electric blanket and other “heating artifact” are used improperly, it will cause low-temperature scald if they directly contact the skin of children, the elderly, paralyzed patients or drunken people for a long time. The article reminds that if you must use the “heating artifact” for heating in winter, please avoid direct contact with the skin. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865