hot wire! Huawei cooperated with MediaTek to solve the chip crisis perfectly, and the plan of the United States failed again

Some time ago, TSMC has officially responded to a question raised by the US government a few months ago that it will not continue to cooperate with Huawei. Under the pressure of the U.S. government, even if the company does not want to lose Huawei as a partner, it has nothing to do. After all, Huawei is a customer with a huge demand for chips, which has brought huge profits to the enterprise. Who would want to see the money that can be earned be lost in vain?

the United States is such an exception. It is clear that there are many disadvantages in cracking down on Huawei, such as the loss of many jobs in the United States, and certain economic losses suffered by the country or enterprise. More importantly, the US crackdown on Huawei is no longer what a big country should do. Will its international reputation also be affected? Obviously, the United States doesn’t care about this. After all, his reputation is not good. Bullying and targeting countries that may endanger their own status have become synonymous with them.

as for what serious impact will be brought to domestic enterprises and advanced technology construction after no longer cooperating with Huawei, I don’t think bittrump cares? What they really worry about is whether they can let all the interests go into the pocket of the country, and whether they can always maintain their dominant position in the world, right? Now TSMC has decided not to continue to provide Huawei with chips after September 14. This move can be said to be the key point of Huawei. If Huawei does not yield, the United States will not give up.

in addition to TSMC, the United States also stipulates that other companies using American technology cannot supply chips for Huawei, so is Huawei really in a corner? We know that Huawei’s specialty is chip design, but it does not have the ability and scale to produce chips, and many other suppliers in the world do not have the ability. The current situation is that all capable suppliers are asked by the United States not to cooperate with Huawei, so Huawei can only turn its target to China. If we want to say that the most prominent company in the semiconductor field in China is MediaTek.

at present, Huawei has made adjustments. In the future, it will use a large number of chips provided by new suppliers. For Hisilicon chips, it can be used less or less. It seems that Huawei’s suppliers in China are more reliable. Recently, Huawei has signed an order with MediaTek, and the demand for chips is as high as 120 million. It seems that Huawei has found a solution to this problem, and the U.S. plan has failed again, isn’t it? Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia