Hou Jinglei, chief travel safety officer of didi: nearly 200000 drivers are forced to rest every day

After shooting a safety video with a suspenseful and frightening fictional story, Hou Jinglei, Didi’s chief travel safety officer, answered in real name in the form of answering questions why didi wanted to make such an attempt in driver safety education. After the release of the < / P > < p > & quot; video, we received a lot of encouragement and some people asked questions. &In the latest question and answer session, Hou Jinglei explained that didi hopes to use micro film as a way of warning and further embed the concept of safe driving into drivers’ minds. < / P > < p > just like the plot in the movie, when the fatigue driving early warning system identifies the driver’s fatigue, Didi will send a short message to the driver’s emergency contact person, so that the driver’s family and friends can become the & quot; safety messenger & quot; to guide the driver to rest, and didi will also remind and care for the driver through voice broadcast. < / P > < p > fatigue driving is one of the main causes of serious urban traffic accidents, the harm is self-evident, prevention and control is also a super problem in the industry. Fatigue is not only related to working hours, but also to driver’s work and rest habits, physical conditions, and even air temperature, air pressure and other factors. Due to the complexity, concealment and variability of fatigue driving, there is still a lack of scientific and effective monitoring means and professional measurement tools in the industry at present. Driving time is usually taken as the main benchmark to define fatigue driving. < / P > < p > didi has been on trial since 2017, and after many optimization iterations, it has now covered all of Didi’s car Hailing drivers in China. The above rules are formulated according to the requirements and the actual situation of different business lines of Didi, including short-term strategy and long-term strategy. < / P > < p > among them, the short-term strategy requires that if the service time of all the taxi Hailing drivers of didi net has accumulated more than 4 hours and the one-time rest time between them is less than 20 minutes, they need to take 20 minutes off-line to receive orders again. The long-term strategy requires drivers to rest for 6 hours after reaching a certain charging time, which is different according to the characteristics of different business lines. In Didi, 6000 drivers were forced to take a rest for at least 6 hours due to triggering fatigue driving, and more than 170000 drivers were forced to take a rest for at least 20 minutes. However, it is not accurate to judge fatigue only by driving time: for example, some drivers have been driving for less than 4 hours continuously, but they have stayed up late the previous day, and their body has already been extremely tired; for example, fatigue and drowsiness caused by the influence of body, sleep quality and mood can not be monitored and warned. < / P > < p > therefore, Didi uses AI technology to build a fatigue driving early warning system, which is mounted in the safety vehicle intelligent hardware to analyze and identify the driver’s fatigue state in real time. Before the driver enters the fatigue state, remind the driver to pay attention to the ventilation and rest in time to avoid fatigue driving. When the driver is identified as fatigue feature twice in a row, he will be forced to leave the line. < p > < p > & quot; in 2019, Didi broadcast a total of 304 million fatigue driving reminders through the owner’s end and intelligent hardware orange TV, and more than 3 million drivers received special education on fatigue driving. &According to Hou Jinglei, based on AI recognition ability and driver’s portrait output ability, Didi carried out anti fatigue safety education before, during and after the trip, and prevented fatigue driving through pre job training, monthly training, online special training and other channels. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia