How about the development of social e-commerce? Can it be a good direction for the transformation of e-commerce enterprises?

Social e-commerce, also known as social e-commerce, is a special form of e-commerce based on highly personalized and interactive social relations. Social e-commerce is a new form of e-commerce. Although social elements such as attention, sharing, communication, discussion and interaction are widely used, its essence is still e-commerce. < p > < p > content marketing refers to the use of pictures, text, video, animation and other carriers to convey the relevant content of e-commerce products to customers and promote marketing. < p > < p > community is a kind of spiritual union and interest community with common values as the spiritual core and members with the same spiritual labels. It has a stable group structure and a more consistent group consciousness. < / P > < p > community marketing is based on the same or similar interests, through a certain carrier to gather popularity, through products or services to meet the needs of the group. < / P > < p > group building is a decentralized social e-commerce model, which uses fission marketing to stimulate consumers’ enthusiasm for low-cost consumption, and more trigger consumers with non rigid demand. Science Discovery