How about the season? These mobile phones help you score iqoo 5, which is very easy to use

Unconsciously, the pace of time has reached the end of August. Friends who like to play games should know that the previous day, a new SS9 season started. In addition, the new season is coming, and it is reported that the S20 season is expected to end in September. Whether it is the end of the season or the beginning of the new season, this period is the peak of the hand game players’ rush stage. Do you want to score? If a worker wants to do good, he must first use his tools. When you swim on hand, if you have a mobile phone that is suitable for playing games, it will be a natural addition. Recently, iqoo officially released its flagship mobile phone iqoo 5, which is the official competition machine of KPL in 2020. It has made many optimization in game, and it is a good choice to score. It is said that “three goods are better than goods”. Taking this opportunity, China has organized four mobile phones suitable for playing games, which have excellent performance in performance, screen, endurance and game mode. Want to be in the near future segment, and have a new mobile phone to buy friends, as well as reference. Next, let’s take a look at these four phones ~

< p > first of all, I Qoo 5. In the current market, this mobile phone is one of the “strongest straight screen flagship in 3000-4000 price segment”, and has a strong performance in performance and game. As we have just said, iqoo 5 is the official KPL competition machine. So, what is the advantage of it in terms of games? The KPL professional field is used to test the performance of the team and optimize it to enable ordinary players to gain professional experience of e-Competition. For example, the mobile phone supports eagle eye display to enhance the shock of 2.0 and 4D games, game magic box and other functions, which can enhance the quality of painting, trigger shock, replay the combat moment, etc., and comprehensively improve the game experience of the player. At the same time, iqoo 5 is equipped with high-throughput Xiaolong 865 mobile platform, with strong performance; it has 2.5D flexible direct screen, supporting 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate; built in 4500mAh large battery, with flashcharge 55W super fast flash charging technology can be filled in 50 minutes; it is equipped with superconducting VC liquid cooling cooling system, with an area of 12751mm, an increase of 21.4% of the heat conduction area, and a significant improvement in heat dissipation efficiency. These “standard” make iqoo 5 a more game friendly mobile phone. The next mobile phone to be introduced is Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S. Just look at the name, we can feel its strength in the field of games. Yes, it is a special game mobile phone and a new product developed jointly with Tencent. Its main selling points are 120Hz Samsung AMOLED screen, joyui12 operating system with the most understanding player, 65W flash charging, etc. Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is equipped with high-throughput Xiaolong 865 mobile platform; equipped with 6.67 “AMOLED screen, it supports 120Hz refresh rate, 270Hz touch sampling rate and DC dimming, and has an independent image processing chip; it has 4720mah dual battery system, which supports 65W super flash charging and 18W back magnetic absorption and charging; it also features” sandwich “liquid cooling cooling system to realize high-efficiency three-dimensional heat dissipation 。 It is worth noting that Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S is equipped with a new joyui12 operating system, adding many game AIDS. In addition, the mobile phone adopts a new body sense game control mode. Through the analysis of gyroscope angular speed, intelligent recognition of the left, right, left, right, forward and backward movements of the mobile phone, triggering the corresponding mapping buttons in the game. The flagship mobile phone, together with the flagship, has always been known for its comprehensive configuration and strong performance. It’s also the latest flagship phone with 8, and it’s a great combination. The first plus 8 is equipped with the high pass Xiaolong 865 mobile platform, which supports dual-mode 5g network. The storage configuration starts from 8GB + 128GB. Users can play large-scale hand games with full performance, open Black War anytime and anywhere, and there is no pressure. The combination of

< p > and 8 provides Fnatic video competition mode. It can effectively avoid other information interference when the game is running, and let users focus on the game itself and enjoy better immersive experience. In addition, the first plus 8 is equipped with dual stereo speakers to support the Duby panoramic sound; with the haptic vibration motor, the vibration volume is increased by 15% compared with the previous generation. These are very practical for gamers. In other configurations, one plus 8 adopts 3D curved flexible screen, and has passed the displaymate a+ authority certification and SGS screen eye protection certification. Moreover, the refresh rate of 90hz and multiple smooth optimization are added, and the display effect is outstanding; the built-in 4300ah battery supports the warp flash charging of 30t, and the game does not need to worry about power loss. The last mobile phone to be introduced is Rog game mobile phone 3. It comes from famous game brand Rog, known as “professional gameplay doctrine”, is it very good at listening? Slogan of Rog game mobile phone 3 is “natural high energy”, with many highlights, including Tencent game depth customization, Xiaolong 865 mobile platform, 144hz event level video game screen, etc. The Rog game cell phone 3 is equipped with 144hz high refresh rate electric competitive screen, which has a good visual sense of hand; the built-in Tencent solar core 3.0 game acceleration engine; adopts Rog matrix liquid cooling cooling technology 3.0 technology, and the heavy game does not reduce frequency; the built-in 60000mah battery supports hyper charge 30W fast charging, and is equipped with customized side center interface, and the player can not block the hand while playing. The Rog game mobile phone 3 has the configuration of ultrasonic airtriggers2x2 shoulder key, combination macro, aura magic light effect, X-axis linear motor, dual forward speaker and four microphone, which is very suitable for the game player. Its ultrasonic shoulder key has touch feedback, and can switch between single and double keys. It can also set the number of clicks per second when pressing the key. In the waiting for popular hand games, it can send the regular [/p > < p > 4 mobile phones to start with Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform. Therefore, the performance is guaranteed, and they have also made their own optimization in the game. No matter which one, it is very suitable for the game. Of course, the most important thing to play games is their own strength and team cooperation. A good mobile phone is just a bonus. Recently, you are planning to change mobile phone players. Do you want to buy which one? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12