How about vivo S7? After reading the comments of netizens, you will understand

This year, major brands have successively launched a number of 5g mobile phones, some of which focus on hardware performance, some focus on long-term service life, and some are heavy on photo taking. It can be said that at today’s different price levels, everyone can choose a suitable model. As far as vivo is concerned, there are many mobile phones focusing on video, including the early vivo vivo X50 series and the recent release of vivo S7. In particular, the latter broke the new boundary of self portrait experience, and was praised by many users after it was launched.

the above comments are part of the favorable information intercepted by the author on the e-commerce platform. On the whole, people are very satisfied with the photo taking of vivo S7. For example, one user concluded that “the vivo S7 uses a lightweight design, which makes it feel great. The front 40 megapixel camera is really clear, and there is a super wide angle portrait mode, whether it is self shooting or other shooting are beautiful. “.

of course, referring to the evaluation on the major e-commerce platforms can give some reference to many people who want to buy the mobile phone, but if you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of this mobile phone, you still need to analyze it from various parameters. In terms of lightweight design, the thickness of vivo S7 is only 7.39mm and the weight is 170g. It is the lightest vivo mobile phone so far. It can be easily controlled by one hand in daily use. In addition, the color matching of the fuselage is also very fashionable, especially the Monet color version, sometimes alternating purple and pink, sometimes pink and yellow, the color change can be said to be very dreamy.

when it comes to photography performance, there are many improvement points from the previous generation’s vivo S6 to this generation’s vivo S7. Among them, 64 million pixel ultra high definition main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle macro lens + artistic style black and white lens are used in the rear, which can meet the shooting requirements of different scenes. The front-end is the first to launch the industry’s 44 million pixel ultra-high-definition main camera. In addition to the functions of the front AF’s fast auto focusing, front and rear dual field shooting 2.0 and 105 ° super wide angle portrait shooting, the front-end super texture beauty function is upgraded to version 3.0, which makes it easy for users to obtain super-s self-photos.

with the function of AF fast auto focusing, when the distance of the lens is adjusted arbitrarily, vivo S7 can record all the details of the subject being photographed. As shown in the figure above, at three different distances, the facial features of the photographed characters are not blurred, but the eyes and eyebrows, with a high degree of detail reduction.

in addition to the two main features of shooting and thinness, vivo S7 also has some intimate small functions, such as scanning the handwritten or printed Wi Fi account password paper, you can access the network with one key, no longer need to input one by one with the keyboard.

generally speaking, the reason why vivo S7 can gain so many users’ praise is inseparable from the advantages of the product itself, such as ultra-thin fuselage design, powerful front-end shooting, etc. At the same time, it is precisely because of these configurations that it stands out among the numerous 5g mobile phones. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia