How about vivo S7? Good appearance and strength, light and thin fuselage is only one aspect

To mention the popular flagship models on the market, we can’t do without the brand-new flagship new machine, vivo S7, recently released by vivo. Since the release of vivo S7, with its outstanding appearance, slim fuselage design and powerful self shooting ability, vivo S7 has captured a number of consumers and become one of the most popular flagship models in the mobile phone market. I started a vivo S7. After some experience, I would like to share my views. < / P > < p > the product positioning of vivo S7 is “5g lightweight selfie flagship”. From the positioning, it is not difficult to see that the lightweight fuselage design and strong self shooting ability are the two biggest advantages of vivo S7. < / P > < p > in terms of fuselage design, vivo S7 is 7.39mm thin and weighs about 170g. In the mobile phone market with 5g mobile phones above 200g, such a light and thin fuselage is naturally attractive. However, the lightweight fuselage design of vivo S7 is not to “attract the eyes”, but to let users have a more comfortable grip feeling. < / P > < p > however, after experiencing the vivo S7, I have a new understanding of its lightweight fuselage design. Holding the ultra-thin vivo S7 in your hand feels very comfortable. Moreover, due to the relatively light reason, even if you hold vivo S7 in your hand for a long time, you don’t feel tired. The holding experience is very outstanding. < / P > < p > while focusing on the user’s holding experience, the appearance of vivo S7 is also outstanding. In terms of color matching, there are three different styles of fashion color matching: Monet diffuse color, jazz black and moonlight white, each color matching has its own personality. I started with Monet’s version of vivo S7, which is colorful and eye-catching. In addition, the rear camera module is also very novel. The camera module adopts the “two-color cloud scale” scheme. The first stage carries the main camera, ultra wide angle macro lens and black-and-white hierarchical lens, and the second stage carries the flash lamp, which is highly recognizable. < / P > < p > the lightweight body design and colorful and recognizable appearance make me feel the sincerity of this product. Both holding experience and high appearance, such an excellent mobile phone can naturally stand out. < / P > < p > in addition to the appearance, the selfie ability of vivo S7 has been upgraded again. In terms of camera hardware, a 44 million UHD PDAF auto focusing main camera and an 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens are placed in the front of the camera. The main camera with super-high pixels can clearly show every detail in the picture, while the super wide angle lens can let people obtain a larger range of view when taking selfie shots, just like holding a selfie stick to easily shoot long legs and small faces. < / P > < p > of course, only powerful hardware is not enough. Vivo S7 also has five super texture beauty 3.0, multi style 3.0 and super night scene self shooting 2.0. With the powerful self timer configuration, it can take high-quality and clear self photos in the daytime and at night. < / P > < p > in addition, the vivo S7 also has the first-class ability of post camera. It is equipped with 64 million pixel three shot, and supports super night scene 4.0 and multi style optimization processing. It can also take high-quality and clear photos even at night. < / P > < p > in terms of performance and endurance, vivo S7 is also very eye-catching. It is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor, and its performance is very powerful. In daily use, vivo S7 can easily cope with whether it is more open applications or such large-scale mobile games. In terms of tiktok, vivo S7 has 4000mAh large capacity battery +33W flash charging and continuous life combination, which can be used easily throughout micro-blog, brush and shake the video. And if the phone is short of power, plug in the charger can quickly return blood. < / P > < p > through the above contents, I believe you have a certain understanding of vivo S7. The lightweight fuselage design, outstanding appearance, strong self shooting ability, excellent rear camera ability and first-class performance and endurance combination all demonstrate the strong strength of vivo S7. I don’t know what do you think of vivo S7? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area for discussion. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia