How about vivo X50 PRO +? Worthy of 5g professional image flagship

This year, in addition to 5g and charging speed, taking photos has become the most important module for mobile phones. Major mobile phone manufacturers have been working hard on the shooting function of mobile phones. For example, vivo launched the “super big cup” flagship mobile phone vivo X50 PRO +, which has been called “5g professional image flagship” since it was launched. Netizens, whether they take vivo or not, have made great efforts When X50 PRO + is shot in the daytime or at night, the imaging effect is very outstanding under various playing patterns, so I have personally experienced it. #Vivo X50 # < / P > < p > mobile phone photography needs the cooperation between cameras, because only in this way can the imaging effect be better. After all, “three people become tigers”, while vivo X50 PRO + uses a combination of four shots, the shooting effect is naturally better. The main camera is the 50 megapixel Samsung gn1, which has a 1 / 1.3 “super sensitive bottom, with a 4-in-1 pixel area of 2.4 μ M. in addition, there is a 13 million pixel wide-angle macro lens with a 2.5cm macro distance and a 120 ° ultra wide angle, a 32 million pixel portrait lens with an equivalent focal length of 50 mm, and a 13 million pixel periscopic long-range lens supporting 5 times optical zoom and 60 times super zoom. < / P > < p > after understanding the vivo X50 PRO + imaging system, let’s take a look at its imaging effect. The following sample is a picture of a shopping mall that I took at random. From this sample, we can see that the whole picture is very realistic, giving people a kind of immersive intuitive feeling. It has to be said that this is the magic of vivo X50 PRO +. Under the imaging effect of vivo X50 PRO + 50 million super sensitive main camera, the details of the whole shopping mall are handled in place, especially the alternating decorative light strips in front of the elevator, which has a sense of hierarchy. In addition, the color of the whole picture is also very real, which is the strength of vivo X50 PRO + image system. < / P > < p > vivo X50 PRO + can be described as a perfect super sensitive main photo performance. Let’s take a look at another sample. The whole picture has a strong sense of hierarchy, especially the K11 building is more magnificent. Moreover, the area of the picture under this lens is obviously much larger. The most important thing is that there is no “accident” of deformation in the whole picture. The overall coordination is much better than some other mobile phones, and the color saturation is also very high. Thanks to the 13 megapixel wide-angle macro lens of vivo X50 PRO +, its angle of view can reach 120 ° and the angle of view is 108 ° after using optical correction algorithm. Therefore, I am very satisfied with this. < / P > < p > the periscopic telephoto lens of vivo X50 PRO + can achieve 60 times super zoom, and the best way to test this lens is to shoot the moon. Obviously, vivo X50 PRO + has not let me down. From the sample below, we can see that the outline of the whole moon is clearly displayed, especially the “small rockery” in the moon is displayed incisively and vividly. Even if the surrounding light is very dark, vivo X50 The moon under Pro + lens is still very clear, not affected by the dark light at night. This is the first time I really see the moon in my mobile phone lens. It’s really amazing. < / P > < p > in the end, how can we not shoot portraits? So I used vivo X50 PRO + to shoot a group of Guangdong opera actors’ portraits. If you carefully observe the sample below, you will find that the makeup of these Cantonese Opera actors is very delicate. Whether it is color or brightness, they are very perfect. They vividly express the scene of “hot to sweating and rolling their eyes” in the backstage. Moreover, the skin texture and eyebrow details of the actors have not escaped vivo X50 PRO + lens, such imaging effect can only be said to praise. < / P > < p > after I really experienced the photographing ability of vivo X50 PRO +, I can only say that this mobile phone is worthy of the title of “5g professional imaging flagship”. Of course, it is not a single lens that can achieve such shooting results. The key is that the four lenses of vivo X50 PRO + can coordinate with each other to achieve such excellent results. For those who like to take pictures, this vivo X50 PRO + can give it a try. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine