How can Chinese people choose between Apple App mall and wechat?

Tired of social media and ridiculed by Chinese netizens who are tied up with wechat and work for 24 hours, taking the opportunity to unload wechat is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the happiness index of life will increase. However, according to recent online surveys, the vast majority of Chinese netizens will realistically give up iPhones for wechat, and others will be proud to switch to domestic brands like Huawei and Hongmeng. Some netizens said, “without apple, you can still choose Huawei. Without wechat, can you use Facebook?” Some people disdain to think that this is simply “sending sub questions” without thinking, because “whether Chinese people can survive without wechat is a problem”. < / P > < p > the wording of Trump’s executive order is not clear. It may end up as a show, but it can also have a serious impact. Apple, which attaches great importance to the Chinese market, may suffer as a result. Market analysts pointed out that iPhone sales in China will fall 30% in the pessimistic situation of Apple App mall’s full removal of wechat. Apple has been in China for many years. Last year, it made a special price reduction. In order to match the Chinese market, it also decided to let the new iPhone 12, which will be launched this autumn, support the Beidou navigation system. Once wechat is removed from its stores, these efforts to win over Chinese consumers will be in vain. < / P > < p > Apple is not the only one affected. Starbucks, KFC, Disney, McDonald’s and other U.S. enterprises have highly relied on wechat platform to contact Chinese consumers and provide online ordering and reservation services. Now these enterprises may also become the victims of trump government’s blocking of wechat. To a certain extent, this shows that the fierce confrontation between China and the United States makes it hard to win. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine