How can microbes mine in space?

A published study found that microbes can extract economically important elements from rocks under zero gravity conditions. The results of this study suggest that allowing microbes to “biomine” or become an important aspect of colonizing other planets. However, the extraction of these rare earth elements is difficult and costly, and will soon be in short supply. As humans begin to explore other planets, it is crucial to find efficient and simple ways to extract rare earth elements. < / P > < p > microbes have been used to extract rare earth elements from Earth’s rocks, but whether they can do this under low or zero gravity conditions is unclear. < / P > < p > Charles cockell of the University of Edinburgh, UK, and colleagues assessed the potential of three bacteria on the ISS under microgravity and simulated Martian gravity conditions: Sphingomonas sp., Bacillus subtilis and cuprobacter aeruginosa. To this end, the authors measured the extraction efficiency of these bacteria the contents of 14 different rare earth elements extracted from basalt. < p > < p > they found that Sphingomonas sp. could leach rare earth elements from basalt under three gravity conditions, and the leaching rate of the bacteria was similar under three gravity conditions, and the leaching rate of the most abundant rare earth elements in basalt was the highest. The above results show that although the biomining ability of microorganisms is biological specific, it can exist in space and gravity conditions similar to Mars. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list