How can online consultation be “self directed and self performed”

Cold fever, headache and fever, to the hospital afraid of trouble, but also want to get some treatment advice, many people will choose to search online. However, the media survey found that some seemingly professional answers with the title of a doctor in a hospital may be copied and fabricated by non professionals with a reward of about 1.5 yuan per piece.

the “professional answer” is completely “self directing and self acting”, which is compiled by some people without relevant qualifications. On the Internet, there are a lot of part-time recruitment information. The “Q & a part-time” of these medical information websites not only acts as patients but also acts as doctors. The purpose of these so-called “professional answers” is to further guide patients to use the platform’s paid consultation business.

the platform can find “Q & a part-time” to do online consultation for patients, which is extremely irresponsible for patients. If the chaos is allowed to exist for a long time, how can patients believe in the professionalism and professional ethics of the platform?

the falsification of online consultation information has exposed that the relevant medical information platform is in a state of savage growth, which needs to be dealt with urgently. For the platform, we need to abide by medical ethics and be responsible for patients. There is no essential difference between the network medical platform and the hospital. The purpose is to cure the patient. We must do our duty of content audit, strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, and can not be greedy and deviate from the right track of providing medical information service.

Author: zmhuaxia