How do enterprises transform online and build Internet economy? It’s important to learn three skills

It is said that marketing is difficult. In fact, after the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the Internet revolution, the new goal in the future has pointed to the core of human wisdom and soul. We have every reason to believe that in the AI era, there will be more opportunities for exponential growth, and the marketing hidden in the opportunities is the direction we can’t get around.

looking at 2020, Mr. Jiang found that the community is developing and growing rapidly. Take knowledge payment as an example, the “book club” and “entrepreneurship Association” called by teachers Wu Xiaobo and Luo Zhenyu are in full swing. Young people who enter the community are very energetic, active in thinking and full of imagination. They bring forth countless wonderful ideas every day. It can be said that the community is a small marketing ecological chain.

the vigorous development of the community indicates that the threshold of starting a business is gradually decreasing. The arrival of the ecology of short video and live broadcasting indicates that a chain around entrepreneurship is forming.

many entrepreneurs ask me, how do traditional enterprises transform the Internet? Where is the direction? My answer is very positive: the top leaders of enterprises should have a thorough understanding of the Internet and short videos.

the essence of E-marketing is that you can skillfully use all kinds of interpersonal networks, trade networks and transportation networks. It allows you to face the real nature of business directly and compete with others with real swords, real guns and real gold and silver. Among the 888% of the articles that are more close to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, 99% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises that want to help them develop in the future.

products are the foundation of an enterprise, which is very simple. However, under the impact of Internet marketing, it has confused many entrepreneurs. The “milk powder” incident exposed a few days ago is the best example.

channels: with products, without good channels, we can’t call them marketing. The ecological chain should be integrated, and downstream importers, wholesalers, agents and retailers should advance step by step. It can reach consumers directly, but not without channels and systems.

sales — in terms of traditional marketing, the provincial agent, the municipal agent, and the district agent are such a sales system. But can we skip the city agent and the district agent and send it directly to consumers? Not before. Now.

demand: how to deliver it from provincial agent to consumer? To meet the needs of both sides. In other words, the number of consumers to buy is large, and provincial agents should avoid collusion, which can be well solved through the Internet.

but there is also a problem. In this era, how do enterprises look for opportunities and how to lay out the future? Mr. Jiang summed up the three skills, the following to share with you.

ten years ago, it was the world of brands. No matter whether the products are good or not, I only recognize your brand. This is why Coca Cola dare to say confidently that if the Coca Cola factory disappears, it will take only one day to rise again.

five years ago, it was the world of quality. The income of the whole people was high and the consumption level was improved. What was advocated was consumption upgrading. A product with 90 points of quality was willing to pay 120 cents for it.

today is the world of categories. Consumption is neither upgraded nor degraded, but tends to be flat and graded. This is the world of categories. Therefore, we can see that “P & G” no longer highlights its brand, but highlights its products and puts them on the market.

let’s take chestnuts and Li Jiaqi brings the goods live. Lipstick has changed from the “big brand theory” in the past to the “effect only theory” now. In essence, it is the performance of consumption classification. People no longer need to use the brand effect to strengthen their position in the society.

Author: zmhuaxia