How far away are we from self-developed mobile phone system? Should I give up Android?

Mobile phone self-developed system, almost only started to talk between 2019 and this year. Because of Huawei’s tragic experience, it has constantly brought the journey of Hongmeng system into everyone’s view. In fact, without the pressure from the United States, I think that domestic mobile phone brands will not consider self-developed system, mainly because it is not cost-effective and consumers will not pay for it.

changing to a new system means that all your game data will be cleared, including your usage habits, and you should fully adapt to them. The development of mobile phone system is a very long process, only users experience constantly, can feedback bug, can improve good experience.

from the perspective of the development process of IOS, because some operations are too closed and rigid, there is a “prison break” scheme to improve the input method and the replacement of theme wallpaper.

in terms of the development process of Android, due to the accumulation of java files, coupled with the lack of storage space and computing performance at that time, everyone was keen on brushing the machine to improve the smoothness and stability of the machine.

, so mobile phone system development in China will have to make complaints about the development process of consumers. At least this time is more than 5 years. However, how many consumers who are used to the smooth and smooth experience can really accept their highly dependent smart phones, which often have the experience of card bug, crash and unable to restart?

what hinders the development of domestic mobile phone self-study system is mainly the development environment. If the majority of developers are willing to invest in the research and development of software app end, this is the most difficult thing to do. Whether a new thing is worth the time and cost of developers to invest, for developers, making money is the king way, which means that an enterprise should have huge capital investment to maintain the early software design and optimization.

in terms of the current hardware technology and development, Android is not stuck like it used to be. After three or five years of smooth use, there is no pressure on the flagship model. The problem is not Android itself, but the pressure from the us to Chinese technology companies. If there is no pressure, perhaps Chinese mobile phone brands do not want to go to this difficult development process.

to be honest, it is not difficult to develop a self-developed system. The difficulty lies in how to make consumers willingly accept all kinds of bugs in your new system. At that time, we were willing to accept mobile phone system bug because we had no choice. In today’s mature mobile phone system, how to realize domestic self-developed mobile phone system is indeed a big dilemma.

I’m afraid it’s still unknown how far away we are from the self-developed mobile phone system. No one can give you a definite answer of time, only waiting for the response and change of the market.

Author: zmhuaxia