How far is it from us for the Dragon spacecraft to complete its first commercial manned space flight?

After about 27.5 hours of flight, at about 11:00 p.m. Eastern time on November 16, the U.S. space exploration technology company “dragon” spacecraft carrying four astronauts arrived at the international space station and successfully docked with it. < / P > < p > after a series of previous test missions, the “dragon” spacecraft successfully completed the first conventional commercial manned space mission, which is considered to officially open the commercial era of us near earth space flight. According to reports, the four astronauts involved in the crew-1 mission are from the United States and Japan. They will stay on the space station for six months for scientific experiments and maintenance work. Four astronauts named the Dragon spaceship they were on as tenacity. According to the United States, with the manned dragon spacecraft entering commercial operation, the international space station’s resident personnel can be increased to seven. “This is an important step in helping space travel become the norm. In the future, NASA astronauts and anyone else with enough money can buy tickets for commercial spacecraft. ” The manned “dragon” spacecraft is the 9th manned spacecraft in the world and the 5th manned spacecraft in the United States, and the first manned spacecraft independently developed by a private company in the world. < / P > < p > the spacecraft is 8.1 meters high and about 4 meters in diameter. Its uplink payload is 6000 kg and its downlink payload is 3000 kg. It can accommodate up to seven astronauts at the same time. The payload is much higher than that of traditional spacecraft. < p > < p > according to the design index, a manned “dragon” spacecraft can be reused for about 10 times, and can carry out low-cost, operational manned space missions in low earth orbit. < p > < p > director of Russian Institute of space policy Ivan? Moysayev believes that the United States is promoting the commercialization of space, including travel to the international space station. The Houston space travel company axiom space said it had reached an agreement with SpaceX to send three private tourists and one astronaut trained by the company to the international space station in 2021 and let them live there for at least eight days. Similarly, virgin galaxy, the world’s first listed space tourism company, also announced the cabin design of its commercial spaceship spaceship 2 in July this year. < / P > < p > the spacecraft can carry six passengers into space each time, with a flight distance of about 90 minutes and a flight price of about 250000 US dollars. It is reported that about 700 people have completed the reservation. < p > < p > Virgin Galactic said it hoped to achieve the goal of sending a group of tourists into space every 32 hours for a 90 minute space journey by 2023. In 2001, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the only government agency in the world that provided space orbit sightseeing flights, sent Dennis Tito, a wealthy American businessman, into space for an eight day trip to the international space station. He became the first space tourist of mankind. According to the Russian satellite network, Russia may send another batch of passengers to the international space station by the end of 2021, and they will spend 12 days there. < / P > < p > in addition, Russia plans to transport two more passengers in 2023, one of whom may complete a spacewalk mission from the international space station with Russian astronauts. According to the Russian satellite network, tourists carrying the Russian soyuz-ms spacecraft for space tourism have to pay a sky high price of up to 280 million yuan. < / P > < p > according to the agreement between NASA and SpaceX, the former will pay the latter $55 million per person to send astronauts into space. < / P > < p > for private tourists, to complete a three-day, two-night trip to the international space station, they not only need to pay SpaceX up to $58 million in round-trip “tickets”, but also pay NASA about $35000 for “accommodation” of the international space station every day. The cost of tens of millions of dollars is out of reach for most people. However, according to different needs, consumers can still choose between different types and prices of space travel in the future. In general, space travel can be divided into parabola flight, high altitude flight, suborbital flight and orbital flight according to the order of altitude from near to far from the ground. < p > < p > while Virgin Galactic and blue origin, founded by Amazon founder Bezos, launched suborbital flight travel, which costs a lot of “people-friendly”. At present, it only costs 200000-300000 US dollars. Virgin Galaxy even hopes to reduce the ticket price to about 30000 US dollars in 10 years, so as to make space tourism a popular one. Earlier this year, the Japanese Space Port Association announced plans to build a space port city; earlier, it was reported that Orion span, a US start-up, announced that it would build a space hotel called aurora on the international space station, which is expected to open in 2022. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”