How fast is the iPhone 12 pro?

The iPhone 12 series has finally been released, and the theme of Apple’s launch is “Hi, speed!” The selling point of the iPhone 12pro series is “fast”, which is the same as the name of the event. Through various “fast” to reflect the extent of upgrading! Next, we will analyze where the “fast” of iPhone 12 Pro is reflected? < / P > < p > the upgrade of iPhone 12pro camera is very large, especially the 12promax, which uses 3 lenses, all of which are 12 million pixels. The wide-angle lens is upgraded to f / 1.6 large aperture and 7p lens design, giving 87% of the light input. As for the “fast” in the point question where? In fact, a lidar sensor is added to the module hidden in the lens of the main camera. < / P > < p > in fact, this feature has appeared in the iPad pro. After this upgrade, the focus speed of the iPhone 12pro in the low light environment has been increased by 6 times. The camera module is not only upgraded greatly, but also has such a fast focusing speed. In the low light environment, it can also take pictures of fine pictures, high exposure, rich details and more realistic colors. This fast focusing speed is not only reflected in the main lens photography, but also supported in intelligent HDR and time-lapse video shooting in night scene mode. < p > < p > Apple is paying more and more attention to the importance of video recording, which is probably influenced by Huawei. The speed of improvement of the iPhone 12pro series is also amazing. A small mobile phone can shoot Dolby vision’s 10 bit HDR movies, as well as 4K, 60fps high fluency video recording. < p > < p > followed by A14 bionic chip on iPhone 12pro, which is based on 5-nanometer process technology. In terms of speed and performance improvement, it is faster than any previous iPhone. Even compared with the fastest smartphone of the company, the CPU and GPU performance of A14 bionic chip are 50% better than the other party. This configuration allows the iPhone 12 pro to enjoy the ultimate speed experience in terms of game experience. < p > < p > A14 bionics further challenges the limits of machine learning technology. With 16 core neural network engines, the efficiency is improved by 80%, and 11 megacycles of operations can be performed per second. Even on the ML model, which has the most heavy workload, the performance has been improved. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12pro has the largest 5g band in smartphones, providing the widest range of 5g coverage in the world. With 5g, the iPhone 12 is faster than ever before, with an ideal network speed of up to 3.5gbps. When the iPhone 12 doesn’t use 5g, the intelligent data mode is automatically reduced to LTE to save power. It is also one of the fastest 5g mobile phones. Apple said that the entire iPhone 12 series will produce millimeter microwave and sub-65g at the same time, and the pro version is no exception. < p > < p > Apple hinted in the invitation to the event media that the iPhone 12pro would be very “fast.”. Through this conference, we can really experience the range of upgrading and directly point out the theme of the event. Will you start with this iPhone 12 pro? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area! Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction