How fragrant is apple A14 bionic chip? At present, Android mobile phone chips are panic

Apple’s iPad air features a number of cool new technologies, including the touch ID power button. But the “brain” is the key to the iPad’s function, which uses a new A14 bionic chip. < p > < p > A14 bionic chip is actually very critical hardware, because the new iPhone 12 smartphone and the first MAC using apple silicon, which is independently developed by apple, will also carry this chip. So, what’s special about A14 bionic chip? < p > < p > the A14 bionic chip uses TSMC’s new 5-nm process technology, which means that its efficiency is higher than the previous 7-nm processor, which improves performance and reduces power consumption. Apple said the iPad air has the same 10 hour battery life despite the new features. < / P > < p > most importantly, the A14 bionic chip is ahead of any processor technology currently available on Android devices, including Intel chips, whose latest 11th generation core processor uses a 10 nanometer process. < / P > < p > like almost all mobile processors in the world, A14 bionic chip is based on the core chip architecture design of arm, a British chip design company. It has six processing cores, CPU performance has been improved by 40%, and a new graphics microarchitecture has been developed, and the graphics performance has been improved by twice. The graphics part has four cores. < / P > < p > since the machine learning accelerator first appeared on the iPad, the chip has also made great progress in machine learning ability. In fact, the CPU’s own machine learning acceleration is 10 times faster. < / P > < p > with a new 16 core neural engine, it can perform up to 11 trillion operations per second. Apple said the combination of neural engines, CPU machine learning accelerators and high-performance GPUs makes possible powerful device experiences such as image recognition, natural language learning and motion analysis. “For customers who use iPad air to process performance intensive applications, such as editing 4K videos, creating artwork, or playing immersive games, the A14’s incredible performance can easily handle these tasks,” Tim Millett, Apple’s vice president for platform architecture, introduced the new chip. In addition to the amazing CPU and GPU, the A14 comes with custom technology that can drive faster neural engines, which will make the iPad air more powerful in machine learning. ” Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction