How hard core does Huawei’s video super drill package have in place in one step to give you peace of mind, heart and security

In this year’s summer season, various film and television variety shows are competing in turn, and the hot spring wave is higher and higher. Not only has the blockbuster IP attack frequently, causes the phenomenon level national hot discussion; moreover has the popular expectation old brand brand brand people to shine the new release, brings the various pattern laughing stock. In order to catch up with the new and popular drama ensemble, the audience keeps switching back and forth among several apps, and various video members are very soft. It’s time to learn about the “Huawei video super drill package” which is a magic tool for TV drama chasing. You can be the most beautiful drama chaser in this summer with ease of mind, heart felt, peace of mind and intimacy. < / P > < p > < p > “super drill package” is an upgraded member package launched by Huawei video. A super drill package can open up four member rights and interests, and purchase four platform members of “Huawei video, mango TV, Youku and Tencent video” with one click, so as to save users’ worry and effort. With Huawei video super drill package, it not only saves the trouble of recharging and memorizing multiple account passwords, but also can enjoy the member content of multiple platforms at the same time. From August 21 to 25, Huawei video specially launched a 3.5% off welfare price for the Tanabata super drill package. The annual card only costs 580 yuan, and the average day is less than 1.6 yuan, which can get four times the number of chasing dramas. Whether it’s a hit drama or a topic variety show, tongtongkuai people can watch it first step by step, so as to avoid the embarrassing experience that members can’t find the content to catch up with, so it’s easy to catch the drama one step at a time. < p > < p > is committed to bringing rich and high-quality content experience to users. Huawei video cooperates with several high-quality partners in the video industry to create a comprehensive video window and introduce massive content resources. As long as you have Huawei’s video super drill package, you can directly access the audio-visual feast presented by the four major zones with one click. You can feel the warmth of three children suffering from each other’s healing in the mango section. You can also watch Yang Chao’s laughing and cultivating immortals in Tencent’s Video Zone, and you Ku’s high-energy dance and fight. At the same time, it can also enjoy thousands of Classic Cinema blockbusters of Huawei video, as well as more differentiated art and education special areas, so as to help users open up a new vision of film viewing. Huawei video super drill package in hand, hot drama switching more heartfelt, take you enjoy endless “full view”. < / P > < p > in order to meet the user’s intelligent full scene interactive play chasing experience, Huawei’s video super drill package also supports multi terminal universal use of smart screen, mobile phone, pad, etc., so as to achieve seamless connection and meet the demand of cross terminal and multi platform content tracking. After returning home, you can enjoy the luxury experience of smart screen chasing drama in the living room after you go home. You can watch the final update on the tablet in bed before you go to bed. You don’t need to manually search for the viewing records. A super drill package member can ensure that the digital audio-visual of the whole scene will not be interrupted, and the large and small screens can switch freely to catch the drama. < p > < p > Huawei video has ten thousand cinema blockbusters, which can not only review the classics anytime and anywhere, but also constantly update many popular and fresh movies, so as to provide users with high-quality viewing services. Super diamond package members can not only enjoy massive high-quality content, but also enjoy the immersive audio and video enjoyment brought by 4K and HDR movie sources. Ultra high definition, high fidelity picture quality enlarges every wonderful detail, surround sound effect and shocking visual effect bring super on-the-spot experience to the audience. From the visual feeling to the content selection, all of them satisfy the dream of movie enthusiasts for the pleasant experience of watching movies. You can enjoy the high-quality online cinema without leaving home. < / P > < p > looking at all kinds of video member services in the current market, most of them are limited to a single content resource and service system, while Huawei’s “super drill package” is a pioneering measure to innovate and upgrade video member services in the era of full scene intelligent digital life. With the purpose of maximizing user experience, Huawei video not only continues to promote cooperation with heavyweight content partners in mango TV, Youku, Tencent video, etc., but also integrates the member content and membership rights of Huawei video with each major platform, so as to bring users a one-stop all-new viewing experience. At the same time, based on the reconstruction of the whole scene digital living space, it opens a new multi-dimensional view for users. Come to Huawei video, super drill package to take you to enjoy a good audio-visual life. gather and watch! 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