How long does it take to buy an iPhone 12 Pro: 4 days in Switzerland, 6 days in the U.S., and China?

headset brought four new iPhone in October 13th, including top iPhone12 Pro Max and iPhone12 pro, and the lower iPhone12 Mini price was 5499 yuan, while iPhone12 was 6299 yuan. This price is still normal level, but it was not sold in the beginning because of make complaints about the headphones and charger this year. The models on sale include the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12. The lowest price of the iPhone 12 Mini is postponed to November 6. For domestic users, the iPhone 12 series with an average price of more than 6000 is really not very friendly! In this regard, foreign media also calculated the purchasing power ranking of iphone12pro according to the actual wages of various countries. According to the calculation of foreign media, the country with the strongest purchasing power is still Switzerland, and the local users have a high wage level, so they can buy an iPhone 12 Pro only needs to save 4.4 days’ wages. If calculated by 30 days a month, the average monthly salary of Swiss users is more than 50000, which is indeed the richest country in the world! In the second place is the United States, where local users only need to work for 6.1 days to buy an iPhone 12pro. In addition, the iPhone is cheaper in the local area, so it is easy for Americans to buy an iPhone! < / P > < p > we can see that it takes Swiss people the least time to buy an iPhone 12pro, and the third is Australia. Local users can buy an iPhone 12pro starting at 8499 yuan after working for 6.6 days! It is understood that this calculation method is purely a numerical calculation, without considering other consumption factors. Considering that the prices and travel costs of countries with higher wage levels are also more expensive, this data is only for reference. The hardest part is Indian netizens. The local iPhones are more expensive than the national version. They have to work for two months to buy an iPhone 12 pro. < / P > < p > India belongs to the new mobile phone market, and its development curve is similar to that of the domestic mobile phone market ten years ago. At present, they are still dominated by 4G mobile phones. Millet and realme are sold well in the local market. The high-priced Samsung note20 and iPhone 12 are almost ignored. It is not difficult to understand why Xiaomi continues to sell well in the local market, mainly due to its price advantage! Finally, take a look at Chinese users. Statistics show that domestic users have to work for 26.7 days before they can afford to buy an iPhone 12 pro. For most users, there is still a threshold to start with. Since it is so difficult to get started, why is the iPhone 12 very popular in the domestic market? < / P > < p > this has something to do with people’s shopping habits. Major domestic platforms support interest free purchase of iphone12 by installments. The government has launched 24 interest free services, as well as activities such as exchanging old for new ones. This greatly eases the pressure on people to buy machines. It’s no wonder that many people who have no money choose iphone12pro! The author thinks that there are some exaggerations in 26.7 days. It was reported by the media that 600 million users in China earn 1000 yuan a month. It is very difficult to buy a millet 10, not to mention buying an iPhone 12pro. Borrow netizen a word, oneself salary and Ma Yun average, oneself also is a billionaire. < / P > < p > the above is a comparison of the working hours of buying an iPhone 12 pro in different countries. Domestic users are still struggling to buy an iPhone 12 pro. How long does it take for you to buy an iPhone 12 pro? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?